Pile of books
Full of bookworms

Known Operations


Initial Heart Rate

102 BPM

Time Limit


A pile of books acts as the 86th patient of the game, full of worms.

Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations Edit

Ygor the Record Keeper is distressed that the books he was meant to watch over are currently being overrun by a bunch of "bookworms". Afraid of losing valuable information, Ygor desperately insists Ignacious II that he help salvage the books.

Bleed's Description Edit

In our search for what Ophelia promises is the key to unlocking the mystery surrounding my creation, we've encountered a literal hole in the plot.

Procedure Edit

You'll have to battle a mass amount of pink worms while repairing various books. The solution to defeat them resembles Whac-A-Mole. When they pop out, zap them with the battery and they'll retreat. Each worm can withstand 3 zaps before flopping dead for extraction. Ignore the holes, you don't have to staple them. When slicing into the green book, exterminate the worms to make room for the pieces of shredded paper you must place down in the book. After putting the pieces back together like a puzzle, all you have to do is gel the pieces together. Exiting the book, heal the book tear like you would a regular large cut.

Continuing to the special Vitruvian Alan page, kill off worms and saw off the ruined page, replacing it with a silly doodle. Finally, you'll be taken to the last area to replace the ruined spines of three books after worm extermination.

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