Act 1 is the first act of the games and the only act in Amateur Surgeon: Christmas Edition. The patients in this act are easy, though they get harder later on to prepare for Act 2. When starting off this act, the player doesn't have all the tools, though they are unlocked by the time he/she reaches the end of it.

Amateur Surgeon Edit

In this game, Act 1 (spelled File 1 in the game) contains 10 patients that include Dr. Ignacious Bleed, Tommy Gracefuls, RoadKill Cletus, Insurance Fraud Claude, Trent Coat, Junkyard Guts, Lumbar Jack, Eddy the Dog, Meat Sack Jack, Horrace. The gains access to the corkscrew during RoadKill Cletus, to the etchy-sketchy during Trent Coat, to the chainsaw during Junkyard Guts and to the car battery during Horrace.

Amateur Surgeon: Christmas Edition Edit

This game technically doesn't have acts. Instead, it features just 5 patients: Generic the Elf, Mincer, ???, Bjorn the bipolar bear and Santa Claus.

Amateur Surgeon 2 Edit

Act 1 contains 10 patients, which include: Tommy Gracefuls, Tony Alias, Richard Thimble, Dick Masterson, Miss Distress, Scarlett Throbbing, Uncle Chuckles, The Shame-rock, The President and Vladimir Ampire. Getting an A on all main patients will unlock Vladimir Ampire. Getting an A on him will unlock Dr. Bleed in Act 2.

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