Amateur Surgeon Wiki

Act 2 is the second act of the games. The patients in it are generally harder to cure. The player usually has all of the tools available to them by the time he or she reaches this act.

Amateur Surgeon[]

In Amateur Surgeon, Act 2 contains 10 patients that include Officer Brutality, Vince Blownapart, Valerie, Edgar Stubbington, Donny Debonair, Joe, Bugeater Peter, Karl Puccino, Animal and Eddy the Dog. If the player fills up the Pimp-o-Meter during the surgery on Donny, then he/she will unlock Stuporman.

Amateur Surgeon 2[]

In Amateur Surgeon 2, Act 2 is the final act of the game and contains 9 patients that include Ringo Fixit, Napoleon Trotterski, Capn' Splinters, Princess Starla, Chewtoy Chuck, Jimmy the Spider, Peeping Tom, The Aide, Dwayne Pipe. If the player gets an A on all patients and has completed Vladimir Ampire, then he/she will unlock Dr. Bleed.