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Release Date

June 2010 (Flash)
November 8, 2010 (iOS)




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Amateur Surgeon 2 (also called Surgeon 2) is the sequel to Amateur Surgeon, developed by Mediatonic Ltd. and published by Adult Swim Games. It follows the same surgery simulation puzzle formula. Though the game is no longer active on its host site, its levels are fully functional in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations.


51 years after the events of Amateur Surgeon, Alan Probe has been forced into retirement under strict orders of the President. However the President is stricken by a queer disease. His aide recommends that he seeks Alan for help, which he reluctantly agrees. The aide soon locates Alan and persuades him to rebuild his surgery skills so he may help his client.


The game's basic mechanics have been tuned to allow smoother gameplay. It retains its surgical puzzles and wacky tools, albeit with a few changes such as the introduction to the needle and thread and the injector, which replace the stapler and the corkscrew. This is the first game where the tools can be upgraded to benefit the player in future surgeries.

Main Characters[]

  • Dr. Alan Probe - He remains the main protagonist. Alan works on remembering "the good ol' days" as he heals patients brought to him by the Aide. His goal is to improve his surgical skills so he can reunite with his wife and kids.
  • Bradley the Aide - Bradley acts as the deuteragonist, aiding Alan in reviving his surgical memories in order to prepare for his client. As well as concealing his client's identity from Alan, Bradley has another secret: he is Alan's grandson, whose true name is Buttley Jr. He hopes for Alan to help the President so then he may sway the President's mind in reopening his hospitals.
  • The President - He's seen as a mysterious figure at first, but as the story goes on his actions are revealed to be antagonistic. He's actually an older enemy of Alan's, who held a grudge on him ever since he had been "falsely imprisoned". When he had gotten out of jail, he somehow became the president and used his power to shut down Alan's hospitals and isolated him from his family by forcing him to live in a nursing home.


Amateur Surgeon 2 has received positive reception due to its refined controls and gameplay, though a fair amount commented on the short length of the story.



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