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August 8, 2013



Amateur Surgeon 3: Tag Team Trauma (commonly referred to as Surgeon 3) is the third installment of the main series, acting as an interquel. It is a freemium mobile exclusive and is the final game in the series developed by Mediatonic, published by Adult Swim Games. Though it has been removed from both the App Store and Google Play, its levels are implemented in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations.

Story Edit

Ophelia Payne decides to follow her granduncle Dr. Ignacious Bleed's footsteps under the guidance of Dr. Alan Probe. He sends her on a number of missions to test her newfound abilities as an improvised surgeon. They run into a new mysterious antagonist during the adventure, who soon proves to be a great threat to Alan and the world. With the help of her mentor and new trusty partners, Ophelia must stop this evil force whilst saving the lives of an interesting set of patients.

Gameplay Edit

As well as retaining its surgical puzzle solving and makeshift tools, this game introduces a new mechanic to the game: surgery partners. These partners can be unlocked with "Surgery Points" with the exception of Mr. Giblets. Each partner's special abilities grant the player leverage during surgeries. There are also special missions incorporated into each of the surgery levels, which vary from the newly implemented Sudden Death, scoring a set number of points, an increase in enemy pests, and completing a surgery without using the syringe.

Main Characters Edit

  • Ophelia Payne - The main protagonist, under the guidance of the former protagonist of the previous games. She wants to learn how to perform improvised surgery just like her granduncle. She's sent to several different locations by Alan to heal patients, accompanied by Mr. Giblets.
  • Dr. Alan Probe - Former protagonist gone deuteragonist, Alan is Ophelia's eager mentor. He observes her missions from his bunker's monitor.
  • Hubris D'Obscene - The clone considered son of Horrace D'Obscene a.k.a Dwayne Pipe, Hubris acts as the main antagonist, plotting scheme after scheme to achieve vengeance for his "father".

Reception Edit

This installment of the series had quite a mixed bag of reviews. An amount of people enjoyed the game's cartoony nature and gameplay. However, it was criticized for its 3-lives system, IAP, and the janky tongs mechanic. There was a point where the game was deemed unplayable due to the tongs issue, which was patched later but still partly remained.

Trailers Edit

Official Amateur Surgeon 3 Trailer

Official Amateur Surgeon 3 Trailer

AS3 trailer

AS3 trailer

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