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Dec 1, 2016



Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations (also called Surgeon 4) is the fourth installment of the Amateur Surgeon franchise. It is a freemium mobile device exclusive and is the first game in the series developed by Burke & Best and published by Adult Swim Games. It is considered a simulation game. This is the first game in the series developed by a different company. It contains remastered versions of the previous games' surgeries, along with polished graphics and gameplay.

Currently, the game has been removed from the app store. The re-generator is also rendered useless in the game's current state.


The game follows the adventure of Dr. Ignacious Bleed's clone, Dr. Ignacious Bleed II. Accompanied by a mysterious voice over an intercom, Ignacious goes on a surgical quest to find the origins of his past, rescuing several zany patients on the way. The game also contains surgeries from the past three games, which Ignacious gains access to after he repairs the Memotron.

Besides the main storyline which follows Ignacious, there are two extra storylines. One features Ignacious's clumsy colleague Dr. Rashid "Rash" Scratch, who's given the task of fixing "glitched" patients the Re-Generator's dysfunctional computer has produced. The other storyline acts as the epilogue, where Ignacious and Alan Probe run into supernatural phenomena during their vacation at a lakeside cabin.


The game contains elements of strategy, with levels requiring tools to be used in certain ways in order to progress the surgery; from putting together a rib cage like a jigsaw puzzle to zapping vampire bats with a car battery. With each successful surgery, the player can acquire coins and bleed diamonds. Coins can be used to upgrade tools, while bleed diamonds are required to "re-generate" partners. Partners are a special mechanic in the game, for they can grant the player a huge advantage in certain scenarios. Certain partners can only be obtained during certain events, usually held during special holidays such as Easter and Christmas.

Game Modes[]

The game has two special modes incorporated into the various storylines. After completing prior surgeries, they can be replayed with two different modes unlocked: Sudden Death and Partner Special. Sudden Death requires the player to perform flawlessly without any mistakes, while Partner Special requires a specific partner. There is also the Field Hospital, a special survival-type mode where the player must operate on a number of patients consecutively.

Main Characters[]

  • Dr. Ignacious Bleed II - Ignacious acts as the game's main protagonist. He performs most of the surgeries throughout the story, even through the eyes of previous surgeons Alan Probe and Ophelia Payne.
  • Dr. Alan Probe - Ignacious will be able to see the memories of Alan Probe though the Memotron. However, he's unaware that the main component of the machine is a part of Alan's brain, which makes all of this possible. In the main storyline, Alan is currently suffering from a case of worsening dementia due to part of his brain missing. This is later returned to him by the end of the game.
  • Dr. Ignacious Bleed - Dr. Bleed was Alan's mentor and fatherly figure, who is now deceased. He is the original Dr. Bleed and Ignacious II's predecessor.
  • Horrace D'Obscene - Horrace acts as the main antagonist for Surgeon 1 and 2's flashback storylines. He is the fatherly figure and mentor of Hubris D'Obcene and Alan Probe's main nemesis. He does not appear in the main storyline.
  • Ophelia Payne - Ophelia, Alan's former student, acts as the secluded deuteragonist of the game, keeping contact with Ignacious through an intercom and the Mobitron. She acts as a mentor for both Ignacious and Rashid. Ignacious is able to see Ophelia's past events with the Memotron as well.
  • Hubris D'Obscene - Hubris is the clone and son of Horrace. He follows in his father's quest for vengeance against Alan and acts as the main antagonist in Surgeon 3's flashback storyline. However, he does not seem to have a major antagonistic role in the main storyline, though he still performs acts of malice such as harming Ophelia with a poisonous bug-filled flask.
  • Bluebris D'Obscene (Faker Hubris) - Initially debuted as Faker Hubris, Bluebris is the less vile clone and son of Hubris D'Obscene. He acted as a supporting character for Ignacious, informing him of his father's wherabouts and intentions. He's then given a bigger main role as the antagonist in the epilogue.
  • Dr. Rashid "Rash" Scratch - Rashid is the head of Field Hospital Operations and is Ignacious's friendly colleague. He spends his time in the Field Hospital, traveling to different locations each day. He acts as the main protagonist in his own side story, fixing up the many original partners of the game.


As of now, the game has received an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 from the Google Play Store, while receiving a 4.8 out of 5 from the App Store (iOS). It has overall positive reception, with minor negative criticism towards the IAP (especially the Blood Bank deal).


The game contains various short music clips which loop. You can listen to them here.

Ambience Tracks[]

Name Song
Main Menu

Surgery Tracks[]

Name Song
Intro Theme
Useful HQ


Re-Generator logos

  • The logo on the Re-Generator's computer used to be a bright red tomato, but has since been changed into Hubris's iconic "USEFUL" logo.
  • Surgeon 4's main intro theme has had a total of two remixes. One is a slower, dubstep beat of the main theme. The other was made for the Pocket Mortys crossover, which incorporated sound clips from the game.
  • The game contains almost every surgery from the main three Amateur Surgeon games, including the side story known as Circus Freak-Out. Not everyone has made it into the game, sadly. Those currently excluded are Napoleon Trotterski, Boris Power, and the bonus patients from Amateur Surgeon 3 besides Karl Puccino (though his surgery from that game is absent).

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