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Welcome to the Amateur Surgeon Wiki — a wiki about the Flash, Android and iOS games Amateur Surgeon, in which the player gets to operate on weird and crazy patients, such as Tommy Gracefuls, Donny Debonair and Dwayne Pipe using bizarre tools, like a pizza cutter, a lighter, a stapler, a chainsaw and even a car battery. Our wiki is constantly growing and currently managing 187 articles!
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Warning: Amateur Surgeon is rated PG-13 for cartoon violence and offensive language.
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Unfortunately, as of now all 3 original Amateur Surgeon games have been removed from Adult Swim's main webpage and the app store entirely. Now you can only play them in old flashgames archives like Flashpoint. However, all of the levels from the prior games can be experienced through Amateur Surgeon 4!
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18 June 2018
Telinc1 has resigned as admin of this wiki and has passed on the role to NervousBradley.
26 November 2015
New main page created by recently elected admin Telinc1.
25 November 2015
Telinc1 adopts the wiki due to years of inactivity by the only admin Benbeasted; updates badges and theme.