"Hey you there. I'm sick. Ate something that disagreed with me."




Earnest Pickles

Known Operations


Initial Heart Rate

60 BPM (Amateur Surgeon)
48 BPM; 74 BPM (Amateur Surgeon: Re-Generations; Lvl 43; Lvl 46)

Time Limit

2:39 (Amateur Surgeon)
1:28; 3:24 (Amateur Surgeon: Re-Generations; Lvl 43; Lvl 46)

Animal the Cannibal is a recurring character throughout the series. He first appears in Act 2 of Amateur Surgeon and is the 43rd and 46th patient in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations.

Bio Edit

Animal is an insane cannibalistic loon who seems to have escaped from a mental institution.

Amateur Surgeon Edit

During one of Animal's fine "meals", he ends up suffering from indigestion. He finds back alley surgeons Alan Probe and Dr. Bleed and requests help, stating that "his meal disagreed with him." A bit intimidated by Animal's state of mind, they hurry to operate on him in order to quickly be rid of him. However before he leaves, Animal recognizes Dr. Bleed from when he used to be a patient at the now abandoned Old Hospital. He briefly states that he had been present during the Old Hospital incident, before returning to his normal loony demeanor.

Alan's Description Edit

Wow. Where do you even begin? The patient appears to be completely deranged and is confined to a straitjacket. The patient claims to have a severe stomach upset. Given his eating habits, it's probably best not to speculate the cause. Take a deep breath, open him up and hope we don't come across anyone we know!

Amateur Surgeon 3: Tag Team Trauma Edit

Due to the lack of legitimate warden activity, Animal had settled himself in the Warden's Tower. When Ophelia encounters him, she immediately realizes he is not a real warden. Animal then proceeds to continuously annoy Ophelia with his comments without fail, so much to the point of even mistaking her as a prisoner.

Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations Edit

Following Earnest's directions, Ignacious Bleed II approaches a very distressed Animal in Cannibal Village. It seems that his "meal" has once again disagreed with him, however this time it wasn't your average "meal". As it turns out, Animal had messed with a witch doctor who had seem to curse him with a horrible case of onion breath. Despite finding the entire situation extremely awful, Ignacious decides to take a look into the case anyway.

Bleed's Description Edit

The patient has some potent breath issues going on. Closer inspection has shown some bizarre kind of onion lodged in his mouth...Could this be the curse of the witch doctor?

Personality and Appearance Edit

Animal is shown to be a lunatic patient who has a whole bunch of screws loose. At first he can be calm and witty, then before you can blink he is hyperactive and loud-mouthed. As his name suggests, he's well known for devouring other humans for food. Since his arms are usually confined in a straitjacket, he uses his lanky legs to capture his poor victims. Animal highly dislikes vegetables.

Animal does not wear any pants, instead he wears yellow underwear labeled "BEWARE ANIMAL". His name is stamped on his forehead, though later on its rewritten in AS4 to spell "CANNIBAL".

Procedure Edit

Amateur Surgeon Edit

Animal pre-op as1

Animal pre-op in Amateur Surgeon

This one is pretty short, just extract various bones and objects from Animal's body and use the chainsaw to cut up the skull and the pelvis bones to make them removable.

Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations Edit

Animal pre-op as4

Animal pre-op in Amateur Surgeon 4

Use the tongs to extract the tomatoes and vegetables as normal. However the small onions cannot be lifted with the tongs, for they are lodged too deep in the body. To remove the onions, one must use the chainsaw to make it shrivel up to mere onion juice to vacuum up. Keep in mind that using the chainsaw on any onion will cause poor Ignacious to tear up due to the very strong aroma, causing the screen to blur and shake. This shouldn't be too much of a problem, but please be sure that your movements are slow and steady when dealing with onions, especially if your chainsaw is low-leveled.

When you advance into his stomach, there are a bunch of peas to vacuum up and corn to extract, along with a huge onion that has to be chainsawed apart. Chainsawing the onion has the same effect as any other onion, so be sure to saw with extra care. After removing the onion pieces from the stomach, you'll proceed to the intestines. You can use the scanner and pizza cutter here to find two cans of beans located in the upper and lower parts of the intestines. Extract the cans then cut and vacuum up the left behind poison. After patching up various cuts, the "completely, entirely, supremely horrible" experience is over.

Trivia Edit

  • Animal was an employable staff member in Amateur Surgeon Hospital.
  • He is one of the only patients (along with Karl) to appear in almost every game of the series, excluding the christmas edition and Amateur Surgeon 2.
  • Animal appears as the final patient in Amateur Surgeon 4's Supernatural Surgeries Blood Cup.


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