Ants are the first type of creatures introduced in Amateur Surgeon and Amateur Surgeon 4.

Amateur Surgeon Edit

In Amateur Surgeon, there are two ant variants: normal ants and queen ants. Both variants are introduced in Dwayne Pipe's Act 1 surgery.

  • Normal ants are black like average real life ants. They move at one direction and then turn to another direction, repeating the cycle. At certain times, they will leave Burns. They must be killed with the Car battery.
  • Queen ants are yellow bigger ants. They behave similar from ants, only that they don't leave burns and only spawn when a bug nest is destroyed.

Amateur Surgeon 4 Edit

Both ant variants return in this game, but with some differences:

  • Normal ants no longer leave out burns.
  • Queen ants now take three tases from the car battery to kill, and don't give out any score.
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