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Aureola Probe (née Svelte)

Known Operations





Dr. Alan Probe (husband), Unnamed Parents (deceased), Buttley Jr. (grandson), Buttley (son), Unnamed son


Dr. Alan Probe, Dr. Ignacious Bleed


Dwayne Pipe

Initial Heart Rate

40 BPM (Amateur Surgeon)
21 BPM (Amateur Surgeon: Re-Generations)

Time Limit

3:59 (Amateur Surgeon)
1:53 (Amateur Surgeon: Re-Generations)

Aureola Probe (née Svelte) is the love interest and later wife of Dr. Alan Probe. She was the secondary antagonist turned supporting character in Amateur Surgeon. She's shown by Alan's side in Amateur Surgeon 2's ending, supported Alan in Amateur Surgeon Hospital, and has been mentioned by him in Amateur Surgeon 3: Tag Team Trauma. However, she hasn't made a major appearance since Hospital. She's a patient from Act 3 in Amateur Surgeon and is the 83rd patient in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations.


Not much is known about Aureola's life apart from losing her parents in the Old Hospital incident. She soon noticed Dwayne Pipe as the killer and went on a snipe hunt in order to bring him and the other criminals down.

Amateur Surgeon[]

She appears after Alan operates on Horrace for the first time. He likes her at first sight, but she disliked him and didn't trust him as the surgeon because of his pizza delivery uniform. Later, it's revealed that she's the one responsible for harming the various criminals, only because her parents were killed in the Old Hospital incident. Dr. Bleed thought he was the culprit and confessed he was the doctor who operated on her parents. However, she dismissed it, pointing out Dwayne was the killer. She then fell victim to a partially-defused bomb, and had to be operated on by Alan. After the events of the series, she falls in love with him and they get married, living happily ever after.

Amateur Surgeon 2[]

In Amateur Surgeon 2, Aureola is now a 70-year-old woman. She hasn't got news from her husband after he was made internal in the residence, and was very worried about him (as Bradley implies). At the end of the game, she meets Alan again and they're seen holding hands in front of Bleed's grave.

Amateur Surgeon 3: Tag Team Trauma[]

She was mentioned by Alan to tell Chastity Beltt not to mention the surgery to her.


Aureola, when first seen, is a rude and bitter woman who can be easily provoked. She's also vengeful and implacable, not caring how many criminals have to go down.

However, as Bleed said, this is the result of her grief over her parents' deaths, showing she's really an emotionally broken girl who chose revenge to cope with her life. After all things are cleared, she has shown to have softened a little and has been shown being happier, as the ending shows.

Procedure For Surgery[]

Use the tongs to extract the bomb shards from Aureola's body and get rid of the single fire with the vacuum. You may have to use the healing gel to mend left-over burns. You'll then have to proceed to her liver. Use the etchy sketchy and pizza cutter to locate the hidden sticky bomb pieces(however in Amateur Surgeon: Re-Generations you will not need to locate them for they are already exposed.) To get rid of the sticky bomb pieces, you simply burn them with the lighter until they set on fire then vacuum the mess up. Make sure to extract various bomb shards and heal her cuts. That is basically all you'll need to know in order to complete Aureola's surgery. Use of the corkscrew(or injector in AS4's case) may be necessary.


Concept of Aureola tending to the shop

  • Her name is most likely a play on the word "areola", which is the small ring of pigmented skin surrounding the nipple. Aureola is also the Spanish word for such.
  • In the files of Amateur Surgeon, there is an unused sprite of Aureola "blinking". This sprite can be seen in the games Amateur Ninja and Amateur Surgeon 4, both of which place this sprite in photo frames. 
  • In the second episode of the Epilogue in AS4, there's a small portrait of her and Alan together in the upstairs bedroom.
  • There's evidence that Aureola was meant to make a small appearance in Amateur Surgeon 3, for there is concept art of her tending to the game's shop. Sadly, it seems this idea was scrapped altogether.


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