Baby Awoogah is a whale owned by the Flair brothers in Amateur Surgeon 3

whale from her black-and-white color (even though, during the surgery, her skin is actually the skin of a humpback).

The SurgeryEdit

First, you must chainsaw the barnacles until they crush. Use cream to heal the wound, and heal any cuts formed by the barnacles. Then, chainsaw the tooth out, put the new one in, cauterize, and apply cream.

After that, remove the barnacles, take out the pygmies, heal the cuts and burns, and slice open the belly. Then, cut open the 2 layers of blubber to expose the rib cage.

First, deal with the jellyfish by zapping them with the battery. Take out the corpses. (Optional: Cut the floating pygmies with the pizza cutter to slice them in half) Remove the pygmies with the tongs. Then, cut out the rib and transplant it.

After that, remove the shark and seagull and heal the open cuts. Chainsaw the statue apart and put in the replacement. Then, find and remove the hidden palmtree toy.

After that, heal the incision, and you finished!


The pygmies have a reaction to all the tools you use. The pizza cutter and chainsaw will cut them in half (accompanied by an "ow!" sound), stapling them will put a staple on their neck, battery will electrocute them, lighter will light them on fire, and the cream will make him look suprised (like :o)

The statue transplant is actually the strange stone extracted from the Flair brothers.

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