Known Operations





Dr. Ignacious Bleed II
Dr. Rashid

Initial Heart Rate

125 BPM

Time Limit





Cleans up blood, poison, & other debris

Barbara Ho-Tep is the 2nd patient of Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations and is the first partner the player acquires.

Bio Edit

An ancient Egyptian brought into the modern world, Barbara resides in the lab, acting as a surgical partner for Ignacious.

Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations Edit

With the Bleed Diamond given to him by Jack Ratchett, Dr. Ignacious Bleed II places it into the Re-Generator. It causes it to erupt a huge mass of goo, producing Barbara Ho-Tep. Speaking to Ignacious in her language, she lies down in order for him to perform his second surgery. Afterward she befriends him, aiding him in future surgeries.

Bleed's Description Edit

I appear to dealing with a true Egyptian embalmer! It seems the Egyptians had a propensity for practicing on themselves. I'm bound to make a few fascinating discoveries before this is over.

Personality and Appearance Edit

Wearing a white plain dress and surgical mask with ancient Egyptian accessories, Barbara is an affable woman who enjoys learning new things about the modern life. Her servant scarab Dungtut keeps her company.

Skills Edit

  • Barbara's scarab is able to remove obstructing particles from the operating area, such as blood, poison, peas, etc.
  • Everything remains the same with Barbara's Easter version, except she now auto-triggers. She's a Legendary type.
  • Bloodbath Barbara, a Legendary reskin available from the Supernatural Sugeries Blood Cup, possesses similar skill, with the added effect of producing additional blood. She can come quite handy during Blood Cup Tournaments.
  • Nao Yu Dai, a complete Legendary reskin of Barbara for the Pagoda of Pain, is given a brand new skill. She will set one of  her "mystic grenades" onto the patient. When it explodes, most injuries such as large and small cuts will disappear in clouds of smoke, which the player will have to vacuum up afterwards.
    • If you activate her ability while objects are still lodged inside large cuts, the objects will simply vanish instead of the cuts themselves.
    • Strangely, her bio states that this ability can also get rid of blood, when her grenade has no effect on blood whatsoever during surgeries. It could be it was just referring to how violent the impact of her bombs could be.

Procedure Edit

This is the 2nd tutorial level so it will guide you on your first playthrough. Just slice the orange lines where directed and remove the bandages. Suck up any visible poison inside the lungs and heart. The last thing to do is to cut deeper into her heart in order to remove a golden object with the tongs.

Translated Dialogue Edit

Barbara: "What the actual holy crap?"

Ignacious: "Is something amiss, madam?"

Barbara: "Ugh! My organs!"

Trivia Edit

  • Barbara has had a total of 3 partner reskins: Easter Barbara, Bloodbath Barbara, and Nao Yu Dai.
  • Nao Yu Dai, Barbara's ruthless lead ninja counterpart, acts as the host of Amateur Surgeon 4's Pagoda of Pain Blood Cup. Her name appears to be a pun of the words "now you die", which fit her character's personality quite well in this Blood Cup's universe.
  • Barbara is one of the first partners to receive a total reskin which changes her entire design and ability, next to Scarlett Throbbing.


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