The Bio-Utility Mechanoid, more commonly known by its initials, BUM, is a bonus patient in Amateur Surgeon and Amateur Surgeon 4. In the first game, it is unlocked by scoring a total of at least a million points on all the patients.

Alan's Description Edit

The patient is a toaster, or some kind of talking blender or something. It is clearly a robot, Alan! -DR. Bleed Patient complains of electrical problems and wants us to investigate its rear access panel and......Do we really have to do this one, doc? Um hit ctrl+alt+delete? Open and close all our windows? Does it come with an instruction manual?

Procedure Edit

Use the chainsaw to remove the bars covering the button and zap the button with the car battery once exposed. The rear access panel will open. Use Pain Away to remove the rust and place the batteries with the tongs. Zap them each once and close the cut. Staple the broken wires and zap each of the power cells once. Zap the button again and weld the bars back on using the lighter.

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