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Bleed diamonds are a use of currency in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations. It's main use is to acquire new partners from the re-generator. It can also be used to revive a patient, as well as skip undesirable missions from the Missions List.

Diamonds can be collected in many different ways:

  • Single diamonds can be randomly found lodged in patients during surgery.
  • Special loot-providing partners such as Max Chaos, Agent Ted Rando, and Ghost Bleed can present the player with diamonds during surgery.
  • Completing certain stages of the Field Hospital reward the player with diamonds.
  • Visiting the game 5 consecutive days each will reward the player with diamonds, which can be collected from the Missions List. The reward amount switches between 5 and 10 diamonds every 5 days.
  • Completing a set number of missions from the Missions List will reward the player with a single diamond.
  • If the player is lucky, they may find diamonds while re-generating tools.
  • There is always a weekly Blood Cup tournament held in the game. Prize tickets can be collected as the player climbs through tiers. These tickets can be used for the Prize Wheel at the end of the tournament, which offers the player a chance of winning an immense amount of diamonds (as well as a chance to obtain a partner, indicated by the "?" symbol on the wheel).
  • Special events held during holidays usually offer numerous prizes to win, which include diamonds.
  • Lastly, diamonds can be bought with real money through in-app purchases. The Blood Bank and the Weekly Ticket are two examples.


  • During the game's initial release, the amount of diamonds the player would receive for visiting the game every day would increase by 5's. However, this amount would later be changed to its current 5/10 rotation. The reason for this is unknown, though this could be a way to prevent anyone from exploiting the system.