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Boris Power
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Known Operations


Initial Heart Rate

80 BPM

Time Limit


Boris Power is a patient from Amateur Surgeon 2's Circus Freak-Out. He's the only character from Circus Freak-Out who's currently excluded from Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations, possibly due to limitations.


Boris appears to be the strongman of the circus.

Amateur Surgeon 2: Circus Freak-Out[]

Boris's muscles are damaged and his gluteus maximus isn't up to speed with his other muscles, so Alan Probe abides with an all-out muscle replacing and revamping surgery.


For most of the surgery in the original Surgeon 2, Boris's muscles must be removed with the chainsaw for replacement, including his small buttocks. The final part of the surgery resembled Simon Says, for his color-coded abs had to be shot with the battery in specific directed orders to successfully restore each ab.


  • His Surgery Doesn’t appear in Amateur Surgeon 4

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