Brick McGill
Brick McGill
Pneumatic Mayhem




Construction Worker

Known Operations


Initial Heart Rate

98 BPM

Time Limit


Partner Type



Breaks down cement and other hard obstructions

Brick "The Drill" McGill is a Common type partner introduced in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations. He is the 14th patient (P14) to be encountered in Dr. Rashid's side story.

Bio Edit

Brick was just an ordinary construction worker. This would all change when his colleague had fallen asleep with his mouth open near a cement mixer. Brick came to rescue his colleague, using his drill to break down the cement into rubble. Since then, Brick became interested in using his skills for the medical field. He enjoys experimenting with different drills to study various outcomes.

Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations Edit

Rashid had begun to settle down by his trolley when a huge unseen rumbling disturbs the lab, causing Rashid's tea to spill. It's soon revealed to be Brick who had caused the disturbance, though he's covered head-to-toe in cement. Using his chainsaw, Rashid is able to free Brick from the mess.

Afterwards, Brick criticizes Rashid's chainsaw, stating that it's on its "last legs". The intercom becomes a bit pricked by this and doesn't hesitate to throw him back in the Re-Generator with the lab's robotic claws, calling him a "cowboy". Rashid gives the man a polite goodbye before parting ways.

Rashid's Description Edit

I'm not entirely sure how this man's power drill would be useful in surgery? Well, once I've dislodged some of this cement, maybe he'll lend it to me!

Appearance and Personality Edit

With a heavy British accent and a booming voice, Brick appears olive toned and burly, tattoos inked on his arms and torso. He has grey faded hair which is balding, a matching stubble, and bushy eyebrows. He wears a hard hat, a yellow shirt, blue overalls, and dark boots. He's always shown holding his red power drill.

Skills Edit

  • Brick uses his drill in the patient, destroying any cement chunks it lands on. This drill can also destroy other obstructions such as hardened snot, hard candy, and other tough chunks.

Procedure Edit

Brick Torso

Brick's cemented torso

This entire surgery requires excessive use of the chainsaw. Throughout the surgery, you will be directed to saw off certain cement pieces, starting with the foot. Extracting these loosened pieces will reveal cement chunks underneath which must be reduced to rubble. Sooth any leftover sores with Pain Away. You will have to do the same for the torso. Be careful when removing certain parts though, for you will have to extract some pieces first before being able to saw the rest of the cement (on the right torso for example. Once you've sawed the first pieces as directed, this specific piece will not be loose. You have to extract the other loose pieces first before being directed to saw the right part of the torso).

The area after the torso is the hand, where a mug is lodged in the cement. The final area ventured is the head, where the cement seems to have molded onto his hard hat with a hammer stuck in it. Afterwards, you'll be taken to the torso to vacuum up leftover rubble.

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