"Oh, you mean Mister Caruthers? He is my pet komodo dragon and good friend!"

Known Operations





Mister Caruthers (Pet)

Initial Heart Rate

55 BPM; 60 BPM
(Amateur Surgeon Act 2; Act 3)
75 BPM; 78 BPM
(Amateur Surgeon: Re-Generations)

Time Limit

4:11; 6:39
(Amateur Surgeon Act 2; Act 3)
1:33; 2:00
(Amateur Surgeon: Re-Generations)

Bugeater Peter is a patient of Act 2 and Act 3 in Amateur Surgeon and makes a small apperance in Amateur Surgeon 2's Circus Freak-Out. He is the 41st and 79th patient in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations.

Bio Edit

As an average looking male just minding his own business, Peter is one day targeted by an unknown presence due to his illegal animal importing.

Amateur Surgeon Edit

Hearing the word about the two back alley surgeons, Peter seeks out Alan Probe and Dr. Bleed for help. He explains that while he was trying to feed his pet komodo dragon Mister Caruthers, someone had swapped them with spider eggs, poisoning Peter. After the spider eggs and poison are extracted from Peter, he gladly thanks the surgeons and continues to his daily business.

However that day was cut short, as Peter is once again poisoned. He hears from Trent Coat that Alan and Dr. Bleed are now doing work in the Old Hospital. He hurries over, his skin turning a sickly green as the poison spreads across his body. Vomiting frequently, he pleads for help, afraid that he will die. Alan quickly obliges and operates on Peter once again. It is soon found out that Peter is not only poisoned, but there are also a bunch of bugs living within his body.

After Peter is saved for a second time, he thanks the surgeons once more then warns them about the Crime Boss coming to take care of whoever has been harming the city's criminals. He then flees the hospital, taking Mister Caruthers along with him.

Alan's Description Edit

Act 2 Edit

Patient appears to be timid and inoffensive but with a bizarre fixation on dressing his pets up as people. His illegal animal-importing actions appear to have attracted our mystery assailant. The patient has been poisoned with spider eggs that have hatched inside him, which is completely gross.

Open up the patient, then proceed with a standard de-spiderfication.

Alan! That's not even a word, let alone an appropriate medical term! DR. Bleed


Act 3 Edit

The spiders didn't work, so our assailant seems to have tried something more drastic to take Peter out...Peter is sick. How sick is he? He dresses his pet lizard up as a dude. That, plus he's chock-full of gross bugs.

If it moves, zap it! Unless that doesn't work, in which case try something else. Hey, how about getting him to eat something that eats bugs? Hmm...Do Komodo Dragons like bugs?

Alan, I think we've been working you too hard...-DR. Bleed

Amateur Surgeon 2: Circus Freak-out Edit

Peter makes an appearance along with Mister Caruthers(renamed the Bearded Dragon Lady) as an aged circus performer. He asks Alan Probe to help enhance Caruthers flame ducts. Alan does so, giving the komodo dragon a makeover in the process. The surgery ended with Mister Caruthers being able to breathe a massive amount of fire, which Peter was very grateful for.

Personality and Appearance Edit

Peter peter peter

Peter and his timid face

I sneezed out a cobweb! And then got trapped in it!
And then I got scared and um...Little spiders came out.

–Peter's quote from the Book of Sick, AS Hospital

Peter and Caruthers expert circu performers

Old Peter

Peter is one of the tamest patients ever encountered throughout the entire series. He's very friendly and considerate, though his fixation on exotic pets can come across as strange to some people. He somehow always ends up with bugs in him during his young days. Caruthers is considered to be his best friend.

In AS1, Peter is fair-skinned with light brown hair, seen wearing a white polo shirt with red suspenders, grey pants, and black shoes. Later on in AS2, his hair thins at the top as it becomes white from old age. His brown glasses are replaced by a plain black pair. His clothing gets an update as well, for he now wears a long-sleeved ruffle shirt and pants that are a matching green. He's noticeably become more ecstatic and outgoing.

Procedure Edit

Act 2 Edit

Simple enough, just slice open the spider eggs then cut out and suck out the poison.
Screenshot 2017-08-22-14-49-32

bug nests

Act 3 Edit

Clear the eggs and poison from his stomach, then cut into him deeper to clear more eggs and poison. However it's not the end quite yet. Use the etchy sketchy(scanner in AS4's case) to find various bug nests throughout the region. Tap it with the pizza cutter to expose it then zap it with the car battery 3 times to force the bug out to zap. You'll have to search and zap for two more times while curing poison in the process.

Levels Dialogue Edit



Before Surgery Edit

Peter: Surgeons! You have to help! I've been poisoned!

Alan: Poisoned? I knew it! Did someone attack you? WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?!

Peter: Oh, you mean Mister Caruthers? He is my pet komodo dragon and my good friend!

Peter: Today he would not eat his caviar, so i said "Mister Caruthers! You must eat your caviar! Look! it is delicious - nom nom nom!"

Peter: And I ate some to show him, but someone had swapped it for spider eggs! Now I am going to die... Of spiders!

Alan: Ok! We'll do what we can!

After Surgery Edit

Peter: That was very scary! Thank you both!

Alan: You know doc, I've seen something similar to that before!

Alan: Back at the warehouse a guy came in full of bugs! He almost seemed to like it! I fixed him, but...

Bleed: You performed surgery without me? Alan! That was madness!

Alan: No, it's fine! I did great, but... Oh never mind.


Before Surgery Edit

Peter: Hrrrruuuugh!

Peter: Doctors! The weird guy in the trenchcoat in the alley said you'd be here!

Peter: It happened again! I'm poisoned! I don't want to die!

Peter: Hrrrruuuugh!

Alan: Oh man! Hold in there Peter!

After Surgery Edit

Peter: Ugh... Thank you! I don't know what happened!

Alan: Peter, have you seen a girl around here?

Peter: A girl? No - but I heard the city's crime boss is plenty mad about what's been happening to everyone!

Peter: He's on his way! I have to get out of here! Mister Caruthers will get nervous!

Peter: And when he's nervous, he gets gassy and aggresive, in that order!


Before Mister Caruthers's Surgery

Peter: Oh gosh oh me!

Alan: What is THAT!

Peter: This is magnificent Bearded (dragon) Lady! Her name is Mister Caruthers.

Peter: But something has gone wrong! She can't make fire!

Peter: Who heard of a bearded dragon lady that can't make fire?!


Alan: I... I don't even know where to start.

Peter: Well perhaps you could take a look at her flame ducts? She is due to go onstage very soon!

Alan: I guess..

Alan: Wait, which end are the flames meant to come out?

Alan: Because there are a couple of options and I am NOT COOL with one of them...

After Mister Caruthers's Surgery Edit

Mister Caruthers: *Gurgle*!

Mister Caruthers: GLAAAAAAAAAARP!!!

Alan: Another satisfied (and potentially lethal) customer.

Peter: Oh me! This is wonderful!

Bradley: Is it just me, or does that lizard look traumatized?

Alan: Traumatized by how COOL he is.

Alan: She is.

Alan: Whatever.

Mister Caruthers: GLAAAAAAAAAARP!!!

Bradley: Yes. Fair enough. I would totally pay to see this act.

Mister Caruthers: GLAAAAAAAAAARP!!!


Through the Ages

Coming Soon!


  • While Bugeater Peter isn't a partner, his pet, Mister Caruthers, is as he helps the player devour the bugs infesting the patient.
  • If you look closely at Peter during his conversation with Alan and Bleed in Act 2, a spider repeatedly scurries out of Peter's mouth and into his nose.
  • Petyr Ye Bugge-eater acts as the counterpart/ancestor of Bugeater Peter from the Middle Ages in the Through the Ages Blood Cup.


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