Cecil Blowhard
Cecil Blowhard
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Cecil Blowhard is a partner from Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations. He is the 11th patient (P11) from Dr. Rashid's side story.

Bio Edit

This ancient man has been given mechanical modifications to his body, granting him long lasting life and powerful lungs. He holds the world record of blowing out cake candles and is well known for putting out flames at the nursing home, which he's lived in for nine decades.

Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations Edit

Cecil's re-generated with his equipment broken. When cured, he briefly rants about the modern technology of today while helping himself to Rashid's tea. He's soon returned to the Re-Generator through a suction tube, leaving Rashid in relieving peace and quiet.

Rashid's Description Edit

I thought my last patient was ancient! This guy has to carry around a ton of equipment just to keep going. Looks like some of it is broken?

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Cecil is an aged light skinned man wearing a party hat, a dingy tank top, brown pants, and plaid slippers. He wears special equipment on his back, head, and chest, holding canisters of air and wires which seemed filled with a sort of pink fluid. He's shown to be out of touch with the modern times.

Skills Edit

  • With his strong breath, Cecil blows around the patient's body, extinguishing most flames within an area.

Procedure Edit

Cecil Air Tubes

Air tubes example

Cecil's heart rate is dangerously low, so be sure to apply some shots of the injector first. In the first incision, place the tubes correspondingly (refer to example at right). Then you'll have to saw off the glass protecting the heart in order to gain access to the organ. Here you'll have to battle the candles' relentless flames with the vacuum. When the flames have been extinguished, you can extract the candles. Don't forget to put a staple between each of the four broken yellow wire gaps.


  • Cecil breaks the fourth wall a bit. First he questions what a Bleed Diamond is, one of the essential currencies of the game. He then goes on to say, "Back in my day we didn't have none of this fancy touchscreen stuff! Just a corkscrew and a needle and thread !" Here he mentions both tools which have never made an appearance in future games.
  • He's one of the only characters with a definite age besides Alan Probe.


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