Chad Burnem
Chad Burnem
Suburban Napalm



Known Operations


Initial Heart Rate

69 BPM

Time Limit


Partner Type



Cauterizes cuts; melts ice effectively

Chad Burnem is a Common type partner introduced in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations. He is the 9th patient (P9) to be encountered in Dr. Rashid's side story.

Bio Edit

Chad Burnem claims to be a "decorated Vietnam veteran". In reality he works for pest control on the weekdays. He enjoys using his flamethrower to set things aflame.

Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations Edit

Chad is re-generated with his body engulfed in flames. Dr. Rashid hurries to defuse the situation. He's mesmerized by Chad's bulging muscles, though he snaps out of it and returns him to the re-generator under the intercom's orders.

Rashid's Description Edit

They say that liars often have their pants on fire. Well, it is quite literal in this case. Although I don't know what Mr. Burnem has been lying about?

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Chad appears to possess an explosive personality and has an active case of pyromania. He is light skinned and has a muscular build. His faded hair's covered by a red and white cap. His brown eyebrows and mustache are long and shaggy. For apparel, Chad wears a dark shirt, blue pants with a brown pouch belt set around the waist, and dark boots. The flamethrower which he carries around is riddled with fire hazard warnings.

Skills Edit

  • Chad is able to use his flamethrower to cauterize cuts. He can also melt ice chunks very well.
  • There's an interesting case where Chad is able to eliminate an entire army of ice ants in Useful Brother's surgery. This only works due to all the icy factors during the surgery and has no effect on any other creature.

Procedure Edit

Cauterize and gel the small cuts and soothe the burns on the body with Pain Away. When taken to the leg, remove the box of matches from Chad's pocket with the tongs. After the matches have been extracted, various parts of Chad's leg will begin to set aflame. They must be extinguished consecutively with the vacuum. As well as this, different parts of the leg will begin to bulge, which must be soothed with Pain Away. When you've cleared enough flames, you'll be taken to Chad's bottom where a similar situation is occurring. Rinse and repeat with the vacuum and Pain Away. The surgery will end after repeating these steps a few times.

Level DialogueEdit

Before surgery

Rashid: Ooh, I've got a postcard from Ignacious!-"Hi Rashid. I've been investigating the Circus... you'll never guess who's been talking to us on the intercom..."- The next sentence is so shocking, I can't bring myself to read it aloud!- ...- Well, back to work!

After surgery

INTERCOM: Ah, how have you been getting on, Rashid?

Rashid: So hypnotic... the way they more...

INTERCOM: Oh, I see you've met Chad.

Rashid: ... Round and around.

INTERCOM: Snap out of it and get him back in the ooze!


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