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The chainsaw is a recurring tool in the Amateur Surgeon series. It is used to cut out bones and organs. If used carelessly, it will create large cuts and drop the heart rate.

Amateur Surgeon[]

The chainsaw makes its debut in this game. It is given to the player by Insurance Fraud Claude, but can't be used until Junkyard Guts's surgery. While using it, the screen shakes very violently and the player needs to be quick and accurate with it. Aside from its usual use, it is used instead of the pizza cutter during Stuporman's surgery after extracting some of the brick.

Amateur Surgeon: Christmas Edition[]


The chainsaw doesn't make a direct return in this game. It is instead replaced by a tool called the "Bonesaw 3000", which resembles an electric carving knife, that has the same purpose.

Amateur Surgeon 2[]

The chainsaw makes a return in this game. Aside from its usual purpose, it is used on the crabs during Scarlett Throbbing's surgery and on the insects during Dwayne Pipe's surgery. When it's upgraded, using it becomes easier.

Amateur Surgeon 3[]

Too fast indication.PNG

The chainsaw makes a return in this game and has the same purpose as it does in other games. It is used during Neil File's surgery to break the cement. However the player has to keep a certain pace when using it. If the player goes too fast, the chainsaw will veer off and harm the patient. It takes a few seconds for Ophelia to readjust the chainsaw before it can be used again.

Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations[]

The chainsaw's purpose returns once more. The more the chainsaw is upgraded, the higher its speed boost and the lower its risk of a penalty. This allows for quicker chainsaw slices.

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