Chartreuse is a patient along with his brothers only appears in iOS version of Amateur Surgeon 3. He runs the 'Ride The Swarm' attraction.

Amateur Surgeon 3: Tag Team Trauma Edit

Ophelia arrives at one of the attractions in the Le Flairground Fantastique and meets Chartreuse Flair, one of the triplets, who greets her arrival. She then speaks to him in French but as it turns out he actually didn't speak in that language and later mentioned that he spoke in such a way to add "ambiance", leading to her sheer disappointment.

She later questioned about the illness that he had. Before he started to tell her what sickness he had, Chartreuse wants to know the name of the medical term for the large group of parasites, which Ophelia replies with "An embarrassment?".

The conversation was cut short as he began gagging in pain. Ophelia suspecting something disgusting about to happen followed by his retching noise. She responds with "Ding ding ding!" as a correct answer.

Casenotes Edit

Man I love the whirligig rides! Can you FEEL the buzz in the air?! ...because we've had reports of a literal, terrifying, buzz in the air. There's SOME good though: I'm not the one who has to go to check it out! HAVE FUN!


Ophelia's Description Edit

Observations: On opening his shirt, a PLAGUE OF LOCUSTS poured out of the patients, freaking the sh-... startling me hugely!

Ho ho! I nearly had to grade you "P" for "potty mouth", Ophelia! -Alan

Symptoms: Locusts! There so many! I think he also has broken arm from trying to beat them all off.

Eh?! Of COURSE they're going to swarm him if he being nic... oh. Wait. Never mind! -ALAN

Action: I think all we can do is zap the locusts clear, fix that arm and try to get to the cause of this all!


Procedure Edit

You start on Chartreuse's left arm. Perform the incision and it will reveal his broken radius, the forearm bone. Use the chainsaw to remove the broken and replace it. Then, there are couple of locusts hopping around, similar to ticks, just simply use car battery and carefully zap them and remove their carcasses after that. Then, use scanner to reveal aerosol and catching net that lodged inside him by using pizza cutter. After that, use pizza cutter again to open his stomach. There are pygmies and strange stone also lodged in it too. Simply just remove that were inside, stapler, cauterized with lighter then heal with healing gel. Repeat the same three step until you are all done.

Level Dialouge Edit

Before Surgery

Chartreuse: Ah, bonjour mademoiselle! Welcome to the Flairground!

Chartreuse: We are, how to say - so pleased you are here to help our wiz our bizarre illness!

Ophelia: Oui monsier! Quoiqe... si vous envisagez de vomit en projectile, pourrais- je vous prier de vous retourner de moi?

Chartreuse: Ah... I'm afraid we do not ACTUALLY speak French; the accent is just for the, how you say... ambiance!

Ophelia: ...

Chartreuse: I am Chartreuse Flair, of the three "Brothers Flair"!

Chartreuse: I am the overseer of the 'Ride The Swarm' bug-themed whirligig!

Ophelia: Your illness... what exactly is the problem?

Chartreuse: I have... is there a medical term for a large group of parasites?

Ophelia: An embarrassment?

Chartreuse: ...Very amusing.

Chartreuse: I... GACK!

Ophelia: I suspect something gross is about to happen.

Chartreuse: Gaaaaaaaaah!

Ophelia: Ding ding ding!

After Surgery

Ophelia: That was bizarre...

Chartreuse: I thought so too! I was all "DUBBLE YOU TE EFF IS WITH THE LOCUSTS"!

Ophelia: The locusts weren't the weird part!

Ophelia: I meant the weird chunk of rock inside you... And of course all the little guys running around...

Chartreuse: Eh?

Ophelia: There's no time to really worry about it now... You said your brothers are ill too? We should go find them before they get eaten too!

Chartreuse: Ah... no, that's not...

Chartreuse: You'll see!

Trivia Edit

  • Chartreuse along with his brothers, Crimson and Cobalt, they are named after colors. Chartreuse is also a name for French liqueur with it's same name, originate from Voiron, France. Though ironically they don't speak French.
  • When Ophelia's speaking in French, it is translated "Yes sir! Although... if you're considering projectile vomiting, could I ask you to turn around?"
  • There's was an error where Chartreuse's file photo are swapped with Cobalt. Their field report still remain the same however.
  • The Brothers Flair, including Baby Awoogah are the only patients that appear in Amateur Surgeon 3 only on iOS.
  • The pygmies that appear inside them are from the app game Pocket God, both on iOS and Android created by Bolt Creative
  • These triplets are the only patients who shares same heart rate and time limit.

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