Initial Heart Rate

120 BPM (Amateur Surgeon 3)

Time Limit

9:39 (Amateur Surgeon 3)

Chastity Beltt (also spelled Chastity Belt) is a character from Amateur Surgeon Hospital. She also becomes a bonus patient in Amateur Surgeon 3: Tag Team Trauma.

Bio[edit | edit source]

Chastity is a young woman with an overprotective father. One day he had her put on a chastity belt to refrain her from losing her virginity. However this restricting item was haunted and the ghosts that came from it would bother Chastity nonstop. Wishing to be free from this nonsense, she seeks help from Alan's hospital.

Amateur Surgeon Hospital[edit | edit source]

Chastity appears as one of the patients to assist.

Amateur Surgeon 3: Tag Team Trauma[edit | edit source]

Chastity is one of the bonus patients from the bonus Hospital stage. She is sent to the Exorcism Room to have her haunted chastity belt removed. The ghosts put up a fight against Ophelia Payne, but she's soon able to successfully purge the ghosts from the belt, allowing her to remove it.

Ophelia's Description[edit | edit source]

Observations: Patient has become trapped in cursed chastity belt undergarments and needs someone to take them off urgently.

I am totally putting on metal pants and using that as my pick-up line -ALAN

Symptoms: Any attempts to remove the belt result in "unholy curses unleashing hordes of ghosts and flame"...Interesting!

My pick-up line will leave out any mention of possible burning sensations in the crotch -ALAN

Action: Ghosts and curses...Will a chainsaw ever WORK on stuff like this?!

Procedure[edit | edit source]

This surgery is quite long. Creating an incision into each of the belt's locks, you will always encounter flames to extinguish. You are also tasked with removing the satanic seals with the chainsaw to replace with gears. Ghosts appear as enemies to thwart with the vacuum. These ghosts range from large to small. The really small ghosts can be tricky, since they leave frostbite behind after they have been sucked up. Frostbite can be melted with the lighter. Touching frostbite with any other tool will stun Ophelia, so it's advised that you use caution when dealing with these types or else they'll waste your time if you use the vacuum carelessly.

After you've cleared each area, you will be taken back to saw off each of the locks. After the final lock has been dealt with, you'll be directed to saw off the exorcised chastity belt, replacing it with a regular belt.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Amateur Surgeon 3

Ophelia: This room does not look very medical AT ALL!

Alan: Ha! We're branching out into uh... paranormal illnesses! Dr. Bleed would have LOVED this room!

Ophelia: My granduncle... He wasn't very conventional, was he?

Alan: Ha! He was pretty strict when he was first training me!

Alan: He was all: "Alan! Get your finger out of there!", or "Alan! That's NOT where that goes!"

Ophelia: But you guys did so much weird, fun stuff together!

Ophelia: I wonder if WE could hav-

Chastity: AH! Doctors! Please!

Chastity: It's this stupid belt my stupid overprotective father got me!

Chastity: "Enchanted chastity belt with guardian spirit" - PFFT! This thing is just a giant pain in th-


Ophelia: Alan - quick! I'm going to try to get inside her underwear!

Ophelia: ...wait. That came out wrong...

Alan: I am saying nothing, and will be keeping my hands in plain sight throughout this operation.

After surgery

Chastity: Ah! Thank you so much! I'm out of those wretched undergarments!

Alan: Please don't mention it!

Alan: my wife.

Ophelia: Well, this has been... Different!

Ophelia: Weirdness aside - it's been pretty amazing to see the hospital!

Ophelia: you you think granduncle would be proud, Alan?

Alan: Ha! Listen! Dr. Bleed was the greatest surgeon - and best friend - I ever knew!

Alan: And I bet you ANYTHING that he would be so proud of both of us right now!

Ophelia: ...I really hope so.

Ophelia: Thank you, Alan - for everything so far!

Alan: You're welcome - and hey! We're just getting started! Let's go scrub up before the next round of DLC turns up! Ha ha!

Alan: ...or get back to the main story - or whatever we were doing before we came here...


Ophelia: Seriously, WHAT are you talking about?


????: Heh... Proud indeed...

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