Meeting Creepo



Known Operations

3 (2 whilst inside Ringmaster's body)


The Circus Freak-Out (member)

Initial Heart Rate

20 BPM; 50 BPM (ASCF Lvl 01, Lvl 10)
107 BPM; 38 BPM; 81 BPM (AS4 Lvl 65, 67, 75)

Time Limit

3:53; 5:16 (ASCF Lvl 01, Lvl 10)
4:22; 1:49; 2:27 (AS4 Lvl 65, Lvl 67, Lvl 75)

Creepo the Dwarf is a character who first debuted in Amateur Surgeon 2: Circus Freak-Out as the antagonist. He was not given an actual physical appearance until Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations, where he appears in level 65, the surgery that would set off Circus Freak-Out's storyline.

Bio Edit

Creepo was one of the many performers at the Circus Freak-Out, seeming to play the role of a clown. However, he began to hate the others around him, claiming that they pushed him around and mocked him incessantly. Therefore he had accumulated a plan to overthrow the Ringmaster as leader of the circus.

Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations Edit

Apparently with the help of Hubris D'Obscene, Creepo had rendered the Ringmaster unconscious. Expecting his half brother's arrival, Hubris informed Creepo of this, sending him outside to wait for him. When Ignacious Bleed II had made it to the circus, Creepo approaches the surgeon and requests that he help him switch bodies with the Ringmaster. Unable to refuse the request, Ignacious follows through with the operation, removing the Ringmaster's brain from his body and replacing it with Creepo's. The prop brain he had stolen from Psycho Man Tricks was set inside a balloon and into Creepo's old body. Now with full control of the Ringmaster's body, Creepo hides the Ringmaster's brain inside a jar, which he places inside Tricks' caravan.

Creepo had achieved his goal, but sadly for him this victory would be short-lived.

Bleed's Description Edit

I have been presented with a most intriguing surgery. It falls well outside "necessary", or even "ethical" practices...yet I find myself unable to resist!

Amateur Surgeon 2: Circus Freak-Out Edit

Since the true Ringmaster's absence, the entire circus had become a complete disaster. One day, Creepo had made unlucky interaction with the Ringmaster's lions. Immediately recognizing him as an impostor, the lions brutally attack him. Creepo barely escapes with his life, claw scratches visible on the front of his body and legs. He stumbles across Alan Probe and Bradley, who had been sent a note about the recent troubles at the circus. Reluctantly, he asks for their help. When healed by Alan, he hurries off in order to keep his identity hidden.

Later on, by the end of the game, Creepo is revealed to feel remorse for his actions. As well as ruining the entire circus, he also felt guilty for betraying the Ringmaster. Therefore, he asks that the surgeons operate on him in order to return the Ringmaster's body.

Alan's Description Edit

Level 67 Edit

The ringmaster seems to have taken a battering at the paws of his very own lions. Perhaps this is a sign of things to come at the circus.

Level 75 Edit

The man we met earlier was not the true ringmaster, but the brain of an impostor in the ringmaster's body!

Appearance and Personality Edit

Creepo's original body comes off as a short, creepy looking clown. With light skin and red curly balding hair, his whole face is covered in white face paint, with the exception of his eyes, which are painted black, and his lips and nose, which are covered in red. He wears a dirty white tank top, which barely covers his full puff of chest hair. A weird, nasty liquid leaks from his armpit. Black gloves decorate his hands. As for his bottoms, he wears slightly torn red pants and goofy yellow-dotted clown shoes. He is shown carrying a blue balloon with a brain in it, which is most likely the prop brain from Tricks' caravan.

He appeared to have great respect for the Ringmaster, but this was overwrought by the hatred he felt about everyone else, and he believed the only way he could have revenge on them was by becoming the leader of the circus. The only way he could achieve this was by stealing the Ringmaster's body, which he gradually regretted as time went on.

Procedure Edit

This will be following the solutions performed for Amateur Surgeon 4:

Surgery Level 65 Edit

Before beginning, give Creepo a few shots of healing with the injector, because the heart rate tends to dwindle to low numbers throughout this surgery.

Use the chainsaw to remove the top of Creepo's head. Under his scalp are party poppers and confetti. The small bits of confetti can be cleaned up with the vacuum, while everything else must be extracted with the tongs. When everything is cleared, you will be able to saw out Creepo's brain, so then you can replace it with the brain in the balloon (you may have to suck up leftover blood before continuing).

Now you will be taken to the Ringmaster, where you will be directed to saw off the top of his head. Starting now this is where the heart rate will continuously drop. After finishing with removing part of his head, you will be directed to saw out the Ringmaster's brain to replace with Creepo's. Burn and gel it in place, then you'll be given a box of "Nervous Ticks" to place in the middle of his brain. Finally, you will be given his scalp back to burn and gel back into place.

Surgery Level 67 Edit

Here we will be operating on Creepo while he is in the Ringmaster's body. As always, a few shots of healing may give you a slight advantage in this case.

Staple, burn, and gel the three wounds on his chest. After healing those wounds, slice into him with the pizza cutter. Then use the chainsaw to saw off his three cracked ribs. Extract and replace each rib, which will have to be seared and gelled. When finished, you will have to slice the impostor's chest in order to continue due to a weird oversight. Moving on to one of his legs, extract the teeth with the tongs and patch up the large wounds. Then you'll have to do the same for his other leg. Then you'll be directed to slice into his knee. Saw off the knee cap for replacement and you will be done, after closing up of course.

Surgery Level 75 Edit

This is the final surgery of the Circus Freak-Out storyline, where you will be removing Creepo's tick-infested brain in order to return the Ringmaster's brain to his body.

When beginning the operation, there are two offending ticks. Use the lighter to make them fly, which then exposes them to the battery for zapping. Extract the dead bugs, then extract the pins from the head so then you may remove that as well. Be sure you suck up the blood with the vacuum in the process, so you may continue to the brain.

Again, the heart rate will begin to drop as you take your time into the brain, so be prepared to shoot up the brain with injections of healing. Waiting inside will be two normal ticks and the "queen tick". You should take care of the normal ticks first, then use the chainsaw to release the queen, which will expose her to the lighter. Using the lighter on her will cause the queen to flip over, leaving her vulnerable to the battery. After being zapped, the queen will latch onto the brain again, giving birth to two new normal ticks in the process. You will have to rinse and repeat two more times in order to kill off the queen for good. After the queen has perished, she can be extracted just like normal ticks.

Then comes the final step: replacing Creepo's brain with the Ringmaster's. After cauterising and gelling the brain back in its proper body, you will be taken back outside the body to place the Ringmaster's scalp back on his head.

Trivia Edit

  • This was the surgery which revealed Ignacious Bleed II's hidden dark persona. It also revealed he was the one who caused the events of the second game's Circus Freak-Out.
  • Creepo seems to have a strange obsession with ticks, as hinted by the "Nervous Ticks" inserted in his head during the brain swap. He also forced Manfredd to incorporate ticks in his performances.
  • As mentioned in Level 67's procedure, there appears to be a strange glitch in Amateur Surgeon 4. Instead of closing up the incision from the ribs as normal, the player is required to use the pizza cutter to slice where directed in order to continue to the leg. This glitch/mistake has been present since release and has yet to be patched.


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