Crimson is a patient along with his brothers only appears in iOS version of Amateur Surgeon 3. He run the 'Great Balls Of Fire' attraction.

Amateur Surgeon 3: Tag Team TraumaEdit

Crimson, one of the Brother Flair saw Ophelia's arrival and greet her. Ophelia surprised that she meet all of his brother and finding three of them looks similar. He replies to that by mentioning that she didn't observe his SWEET, UNIQUE facial hair properly.

Then, she wanted to know what's the problem he had. He yelping in pain, saying that he has terrible burning sensation. Ophelia then says "It had better not only when you pee." when seeing him stood there talking to her. She again, say "I will shut my cynical mouth." after Crimson yelps for a second time.


The "Balls of Fire" rollercoaster might be the set in volcano- but apparently thats not whats erupting.  Weve had reports of FIRE and BRIMST one raining down... in a highly localized area.  GOOD LUCK!


Ophelia's Description Edit

Observations: After several smouldering looks the patient ripped open his jacket to reveal his chest to me. He would have been in BIG TROUBLE at this point had he not then burst into flames.

Symptoms: The patient appears to be covered in lesions with flames igniting all across him! WHERE did this all come from!?

Maybe I should operate? Us SMOKIN HOT GUYS should stick togethahahaha! -ALAN

Action: Deal with the flames first, then we need to get the patient rock off- I mean, 'carefully removing the remaining chunks of brimstone.

Clean catch! -ALAN


Trivia Edit

  • Crimson along with his brothers, Chartreuse and Cobalt, they are named after colors.
  • Crimson is in fact indeed has sweet yet unique facial hair.
  • From Ophelia's Description for action, the word 'rock off' is a vulgar slang for 'giving someone orgasm' especially for guy during sexual intercourse, hence the clean catch said by Alan. It's also a pun since Crimson has fiery brimstones embdedded on him.
  • The Brothers Flair, including Baby Awoogah are the only patients that appear in Amateur Surgeon 3 on iOS.
  • These triplets are the only patients who shares same heart rate and time limit.
  • The pygmies that appear inside them are from the app game Pocket God, both on iOS and Android created by Bolt Creative


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