The DeLirium is a futuristic car in the Amateur Surgeon secret file. It is a time-travelling car that Alan Probe discovers by accident. The engine of the car is messed up, so Alan decides to fix it because it is the same as a mechanical heart.

Alan's Description Edit

If you're going to perform surgery on a time-travelling car, why not do it on one with some style? The engine's all kind of messed up — but an engine's just a kind of uh, mechanical heart, right? I'm sure we'll be fine! If my calculations are correct, when we get this baby fixed and the rev counter up to 88, you're going to see some serious– You didn't perform any calculations Alan! –DR. Bleed

Trivia Edit

  • A part of Alan's description (and maybe even the car itself) of the car is possibly a reference to Back to the Future.
  • When the car is "healed", the "heart rate" goes up to 88.
  • The Car's owner is Professor Rippov.
  • Young Alan Probe appears in Prof. Rippov's post-op cutscene driving the DeLirium.
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