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Dick Masterson AS4.png
He likes kidders.

Known Operations





Office employee

Initial Heart Rate

50 BPM (AS2)
96 BPM (AS4)

Time Limit

4:19 (AS2)
3:31 (AS4)

I have brittle bones. Every moment I live is agony!

–Dick before surgery

Dick Masterson is the fourth patient of Act 1 in Amateur Surgeon 2 and is the 19th patient in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations. This surgery teaches players how to use the Chainsaw.


Dick is a seemingly average office worker with a terrible case of cracked bones.

Amateur Surgeon 2[]

Dick comes to Alan Probe in the bathroom in hopes to cure his crippling bone disease. He gets as he wishes, Alan replacing his bones with random metal left lying around. He warns Dick that he will die if he comes into contact with any electrical equipment, but he takes this as a joke and leaves, calling Alan a "kidder".

"Ha ha ha! You're such a kidder!"

Alan's Description[] we go! Back to good ol' patients with good ol' crazy diseases. Dick here has bones so brittle it's like his body is being supported by matchsticks.

I'll need to cut out the dead wood and get some good ol' improvised implants in place!

Appearance and Personality[]

Dick is shown wearing a light-blue striped shirt with a polka dot tie and suspenders, grey pants, and plain shoes. His hair is light brown, swept back at medium length. Dick holds his mobile phone in his hand most of the time, even during surgery.

Dick is grinning for most of his screen time, his demeanor quite easy going (though he can seem oblivious to evident hazards).


All you must do is carefully use the chainsaw to remove the cracked bones and replace them. Extract the small pieces of bones lodged in him and fix the cuts when necessary and you're good to go. 


Dick from Amateur Ninja(left) and Dick from Amateur Surgeon(right)

  • Dick shares close resemblance with an antagonist of the same name in Amateur Ninja.[1]
  • Dick is one of the only male patients to smile during his pre-op in Amateur Surgeon 2, the others being Shame-Rock, Peeping Tom and Bradley(in the Ipad/Ipod version).
  • His second pose where he's yelling in agony was removed from Amateur Surgeon 4.



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