Donny debonair

Known Operations




Initial Heart Rate

55 BPM (AS1)
95 BPM (AS4)

Time Limit

5:07 (AS1)
3:16 (AS4)

Donny Debonair is one of the patients of Act 2 in Amateur Surgeon and is the 39th patient in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations.

Bio Edit

Donny considers himself to be a pimp extraordinaire, living the high life with his two fine "girls".

Amateur Surgeon Edit

Surgeons Alan Probe and Dr. Bleed meet Donny Debonair in the back alley. He requests that they "bling-bling" his internal organs, promising some sweet time with his "ladies" in return. Alan dodges this by insisting to worry about the details later.

After giving Donny's insides some bling, Alan asks Donny if he has heard of the recent attacks in the city, which he replies that things began getting weird ever since "some creepy french dude" came around.

Personality and Apperance Edit

Funky guy

AS4 photo

Donny is dark-skinned, his hair done in an afro. He wears funky-looking apparel, along with some crazy accessories (e.g. feather hat, star-shaped sunglasses, aquarium shoes). He has a high liking for gold, as seen by his necklace and grill. His "ladies" are in reality his two hands, which are dressed in wigs and lipstick. He tends to make out with them often, using his long tongue. If you've seen his pre-op state, you'll notice his chest hair.

Procedure Edit

During this surgery you'll notice that your staples have been "blinged up". Slice into the body and use the chainsaw to replace the kidney with a golden one. Burn and gel the gold kidney in, then patch up and slice into Donny again. Saw off the rib cage, then saw* off the piece of flesh as directed. This will create a place to set down the gold pimp bar, which you'll have to burn and gel** in. You can then place the gold rib cage down and close up.

The gold bar

AS1 screenshot of the surgery

  • In the original AS1 you use the pizza cutter to slice it off instead.
  • You have to put a few staples around the edges of the gold pimp bar before you can burn and gel in AS1.

Trivia Edit

  • In Amateur Surgeon, you can unlock the secret surgery for Stuporman by filling the Pimp-o-meter during Donny's surgery. Stapling his nipples, replacing various organs with gold ones, and stapling down along the letter "i" in the pimp bar, as well as stapling the edges of the bar will fill the meter.


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