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Dr. Ignacious Bleed
Ignacious bleed.png
Casual Doc Bleed

Known Operations





Alan Probe (life partner, student)
Ophelia Payne (grandniece)
Dr. Ignacious Bleed II (clone)


Dwayne Pipe (former student)

Initial Heart Rate

60 BPM; 40 BPM(Amateur Surgeon, Act 1; Act 3)
0 BPM (Amateur Surgeon 2)
75 BPM; 54 BPM; 0 BPM (AS4, Lvl 04; Lvl 84; IB)

Time Limit

5:00 (Amateur Surgeon)
5:50 (Amateur Surgeon 2)
1:40; 3:19; 1:17 (AS4, Lvl 04; Lvl 84; IB)

Partner Type



Boosts patient's heart rate; occasionally leaves behind a few Bleed Diamonds for the player

Dr. Ignacious Bleed
Disgraced surgeon/vagrant.
Cough syrup addict.

Amateur Surgeon

Dr. Ignacious Bleed is the deuteragonist of the game and the mentor and best friend of Dr. Alan Probe. He is a patient of Act 1 and Act 3 in Amateur Surgeon, the final bonus patient of Amateur Surgeon 2, and the 4th and 84th patient in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations. His bonus appears in the game as well, labeled under the initials IB.


Dr. Ignacious Bleed — better known as Dr. Bleed — was one of the most successful surgeons of his time until he took the blame for the atrocious actions of his former student, Dwayne Pipe, and has been disgraced, turning to drugs (mainly cough syrup).

Amateur Surgeon[]

Bleed AS1.png

One fateful day he walked (purposefully, as later revealed) right in front of a speeding pizza van which smashed his rib cage. The driver was a 19-year old Pizza Delivery boy named Alan Probe, who decided to repair his rib cage. Dr. Bleed mentored Alan Probe through the surgery and took him on as his apprentice, helping him learn and grow as a surgeon. Soon they both developed a similar father-son relationship. While confronting his old student, Dwayne Pipe, he becomes poisoned with the same poison that caused the deaths of his patients, leaving him helpless. He survives thanks to the actions of Alan Probe.

Alan's Description[]

Act 1[]

Once a genius-level surgeon who dedicated his life to saving people, a terrible calamity broke the patient's spirit and saw him take to the streets. He harbors a particular fondness for very strong cough medicine. Patient has been hit by a speeding pizza van (completely and totally by accident — it could have happened to everyone) and is suffering from multiple fractures across his rib cage. With his feeling dulled by the cough syrup, the patient is able to talk you through the procedure to cut him open and put those bones back together like a giant, gross jigsaw.

Act 3[]

A legendary surgeon who fell from grace when he took the blame for his own student's atrocities. He's been a model of compassion, dignity and genius ever since I first ran him over in my van while he was wandering around as a filthy tramp. Horrace's poison is causing each one of his organs to shut down in turn — only a true surgeon will even stand a chance of helping him pull through! I started off as a pizza boy — Dr. Bleed has given me the opportunity to be something much, much greater. I'll do whatever it takes to save him!

Amateur Surgeon 2[]

Bleed Hospital-AS2.png

In Amateur Surgeon 2, it's revealed Dr. Bleed died 10 years after the events of the first game, possibly due to old age. At the end of Act 2, he's seen as a spirit when Alan and his wife Aureola visit his grave.

He appears in the game later as a bonus level in Act 2. When the doctor comes back to life, he re-encounters Alan and he tells him to never resurrect a person again, but also that he is very proud of him and his work. After that, he disappears, leaving a tearful Alan in front of the grave of the man that made his dream come true.

Alan's Description[]

Sometimes when you work at something and you love doing it for its own sake, you might get just ONE special moment where the Normal rules don't apply… That, or some vampire tears may let you bring your dead mentor back to life for a bit!

Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations[]

Ghost Bleed Partner Card.png

Though Dr. Bleed is deceased during this time, he has been implemented as a partner in the game. He was released during Christmas for the Frostbite Freak-Out event, under the name Ghost Bleed. He's a legendary partner and is hard to obtain. As of now, he's only obtainable by purchasing the special Blood Bank offers during certain Blood Cup tournaments.


  • Ghost Bleed acts as a very good heart rate stabilizer, since his ability auto triggers at short intervals. He provides a tremendous heart rate boost.
  • When assisting during surgery, he will always leave behind a Bleed Diamond for collecting after his first auto trigger, so the player will never leave a surgery empty-handed. Afterwards, chances of him leaving behind more diamonds during surgery are completely random. Bleed has two variations of doing so:

    Example of the first variation

    • After healing the patient, Bleed will disappear, but then immediately reappear with a Bleed Diamond atop his head. He will then disappear again, plopping the diamond down in the process.
    • After healing the patient, Bleed will disappear. Soon after, one of his arms will appear and place down a diamond for the player.


​Amateur Surgeon[]

Act 1[]

Bleed Act I

Shortest procedure in the game, just cut him open and snap his ribs back in place like a puzzle.

Act 3[]

Dr Bleed Act III

After being poisoned by Dwayne,

Bleed has all sorts of problems inside him. Heading to his kidneys, there's a whole bunch of poison to cut out and suck up with the pizza cutter and vacuum. Cauterise any wounds, then you'll have to go to his lungs, which are set on fire. Extinguish the flames with the vacuum and heal the burns with the gel, then pull out the burning object with the tongs (If the player doesn't do so, the splinter causes more burns to the lungs, to which in AS4's case, the fire splinter doesn't cause new burns). When going to his liver, you'll just have to extract these crystal-like objects lodged in it. (In the first game, two of the crystals are exposed and the other two are hidden, while in AS4, all four of them are exposed).

The last area is his heart, where a boss tapeworm is waiting for you. Give it all you got and shock the creature each time it pops its head out. When it has stopped leaving trails of small cuts, that means it is dead, where it can then be located with the etchy sketchy/scanner and exposed with the pizza cutter. Extract the worm with the tongs and close up Dr. Bleed.

  • If you're playing the original, it'll take 5 shots to put it down. If playing Re-Generations, it only takes 3. In addition, the worm from the original game is brown, while in AS4 it is pink similar to Ted.

Amateur Surgeon 2[]

Bleed in AS2

Original Version[]

Vacuum up the dirt and saw into the coffin. Afterward you'll have to get Dr. Bleed's heart rate up by using various methods.

  • The tongs are for reattaching his broken finger.
  • The lighter is for keeping his body warm.
  • The cough syrup is for feeding into his mouth.
  • The vampire tears are for pouring onto his heart.
  • The battery and syringe can be used as well to help boost his heart rate.

To keep Dr. Bleed's heart rate over 30 BPM, you must do these methods in repeated succession for up to 30 seconds. Failure to do so will restart the timer until the player succeeds.

Re-Generations Version[]

Bleed in AS4

It's entirely different from the original version.

Use the chainsaw to cut open the coffin from around the edges. Lift the heavy thing with the tongs, where it will reveal Bleed's corpse. Heading inside there will be ice that needs to be thawed with the lighter. Make the incision and pour the vampire tears onto the heart, then use the lighter to warm it. Worms will pop out, which you'll have to zap with the battery. Each take 3 shocks to kill, which they will then flop dead for extraction.

Bleed's spirit

After sucking away the blood, pour more of the given vamp tears, where it will cause ghosts to appear. Suck them up with the vacuum or shock them and suck up the ectoplasm with the vacuum, then warm the heart with the lighter again. You will then be taken back outside Bleed, where ants and ice await you. Zap the ants and melt the ice, then close up your incision. If the surgery doesn't appear to be advancing, use the lighter on Bleed to warm him. It should then give you the vampire tears, where a final splash in the mouth will awake the great spirit.

  • Note that if Bleed's heart rate reaches 0, it's game over for the player instead of restarting.


Bleed is a mature, serious and responsible man in contrast to the goofy Alan. In the beginning of the story, he's pessimistic, surly and full with guilt due to the death of his patients and his fall of grace, to the point of being suicidal. However, thanks to Alan's company and after discovering the truth, he becomes a lot happier as a result.

When he is resurrected in the second game, he's shown to be laid-back and cheerful; a stark contrast of his previous self. In many ways, Alan had turned just like him; being a previously fallen surgeon who had become cynical and had gotten better.

Known Patients/Students[]

Levels Dialogue[]



Before Surgery[]

Alan: Oh my God! I've killed a dead hobo!

Bleed: I'm not dead! Argh... Quickly - you have to cut me open!

Alan: Uh... I've got a pizza cutter!

After Surgery[]

Alan: Who are you?

Bleed: My name is Ignacious Bleed.

Alan: Can you teach me that - how to do surgery?

Bleed: Teach surgery? I...I couldn't. Not again...

Alan: Why not? I've got a bunch more tools in the van. And if that pool table over there doens't scream operation, I don't know what does!

Bleed: And who would want to be operated on by a washed-up old tramp and a pizza boy?



Before Surgery[]

Bleed: Dwayne... What happened to you?

Dwayne: You were always so boring, Dr. Bleed! There is so much to be learned from the sweet kiss of the poison needle!

Dwayne: But who cares! That was then, and this is now. And before I leave - a parting gift, my dear doctor!

Dwayne: The same poison that did in all your precious patients!

Bleed: Grooo....

Dwayne: Ha! I could kill you too, pizza boy! But how much better to let you try to save him - and know his demise was down to the falling of your own fat fingers!

Dwayne: Mwuahahahaha! MWUAHAHAHAHA! Bonne nuit!

  • "Bonne nuit" Translates to "Good Night"

Alan: Doc! Hold on! He won't get away with this!

After Surgery[]

Alan: I saved them! Doc and Aureola will pull through! But Horrace - Dwayne got away...


Before Surgery[]

Alan: Ah, it'll be good to get out of this place!

Alan: I've modified a pig, pulled a rabbit out of a clown, unmasked the president and gotten my life back...

Alan: Not a bad run for an old guy who now sometimes forgets to drop his pants before he uses the toilet!

Alan: I just wish Dr. Bleed was around to have seen it...

Alan: Hey! Didn't that whack-job vampire say something about something that was something to do with raising the dead? Or something?

Alan: I don't know if it's the joy in my heart at finishing the game, or the crazy in my head at there being nothing left to complete, but I think it's time to go pay an old friend a visit!

After Surgery[]

Bleed: Hello Alan.

Alan: Ha... Dr. Bleed! Oh wow... It worked!

Alan: Ah... I want to say something witty to wind you up!

Alan: But at the same time I almost want to cry... I've missed you!

Bleed: Ha! We made quite the team, didn't we?

Alan: It was the best! Remember when I hit that old guy with the pizza van, and we patched him up together?

Bleed: Yes. That was me.

Alan: Oh yeah!

Alan: Man... I don't really know what to say now!

Bleed: You could apologize for digging me up?

Alan: Yeah, I'm not really sure what I was thinking...

Alan: I guess it's just not really an Amateur Surgeon game without Dr. Bleed!

Bleed: That's very kind of you Alan - I'm so very proud of you, and everything you've done.

Alan: Even when I forgot to pull that thing out of Dwayne no fewer than three seperate times?

Bleed: That was the best of all.

Bleed: I have to go now.

Bleed: Goodbye, Alan.

Alan: Goodbye, Dr. Bleed...




Dr. Bleed's nostril example

  • In the original Amateur Surgeon, there was a minor visual error where Dr. Bleed's nostril would abnormally appear on the bridge of his nose. This was fixed in Amateur Surgeon 4.
  • Strangely, Dr. Bleed's pants appear black for two of his face forward poses (specifically, the pose where he's pointing his finger upward and his pre-operation pose for AS1).
  • In AS4, there's a rare unique Game Over screen which features Ghost Bleed instead of Ignacious II. There's a chance of him appearing if the player revives a patient multiple times with Bleed Diamonds.
  • When taking a closer look at the pre-operation screen for Bleed in Level 84, it appears that he is set in the Ol' Grouch Retirement Home instead of the Old Hospital.

    Bleed's corpse before closer inspection

  • During surgery IB, after removing the top of Bleed's coffin, his corpse appears quite morbid. His hair's visibly dirty, his skin's green (even purple in some areas) and his body's more decayed, exposing his entire rib cage and lungs. His eyes are blank, part of his right arm has decomposed, and blood is shown dripping from his mouth, body, left hand, and right arm. However a second later, when the player is taken closer to his body for surgery, he becomes less grisly and regains his normal skin tone. All dirt from his hair vanishes and his eyes become more lazy-looking rather than wide open, his left even showing part of his pupil. He's still decomposing in some places, but not as badly. The most notable change appears to be the smile he wears afterwards.
  • In the final part of the surgery for The Record Keeper (Level 87), there's a note which reads "IOU $30 -DR. B". It's implied the note is from Dr. Bleed, presumably from when he was still a vagrant.


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