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Improvised Surgeon


Ophelia Payne (creator/grandniece)
Hubris D'Obscene (half brother)
Dr. Ignacious Bleed (Original)


Dr. Rashid (colleague)
Jack Ratchett
Mr. Giblets
Alan Probe

Initial Heart Rate

64 BPM

Time Limit


Dr. Ignacious Bleed II is the protagonist in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations. He is a clone of the late Dr. Ignacious Bleed and the half brother of Hubris D'Obscene, created by Ophelia Payne. He is later a patient of the game himself, the 77th one at that.

Bio Edit

One fateful day, Ignacious was released from his stasis chamber. Guided by an unknown voice over an intercom, he sets off to learn about his origins as a surgeon. It is later revealed that he is the clone of Dr. Bleed with a small touch of Horrace d'Obscene's DNA.

Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations Edit

When he was first awakened, Ignacious meets his first patient, Jack Ratchett. Under the supervision of the mysterious voice(who is later revealed to be Ophelia Payne), Ignacious learns the basics of improvised surgery and successfully fixes Jack's back brace, where he is given a Bleed Diamond as thanks. Noticing Bleed's confusion, the voice explains that it can be used in the machine known as the Re-Generator, which is demonstrated to him soon afterward as he re-generates one of his first surgical partners, Barbara Ho-Tep.

Sometime in the lab, he is given a piece of brain and is lead to the machine known as "The Memotron", which is in need of restoration. Agreeing to assist the intercom, he is able to restore it, using the brain piece as the "key". With this machine he is able to witness various memories of the brain, belonging to retired surgeon Alan Probe. With such information he is able to learn the various techniques of improvised surgery.

Sometime during the story, Ignacious is sent to the Circus Freak-Out in order to locate Hubris D'Obscene. He meets Creepo the Dwarf along the way, a resentful clown who seeks power over the circus. He requests that Ignacious help him swap brains with the incapacitated Ringmaster, leader of the circus. Strangely enough, Ignacious cannot resist stepping forward to perform the immoral deed. During this time his personality seems to change drastically from his usual warm and considerate self, even ignoring Ophelia's pleas not to perform the brain swap. This change in persona lasts until he's completed the surgery. He is finally able to regain his normal self as Creepo leads him to Hubris. It is then revealed that Hubris is actually his half brother, and the reason Ignacious had felt such a compulsion to perform the brain swap was due to the bit of D'Obscene DNA inside him.

Ophelia appears soon after Hubris explains this to him, and attempts to refrain Hubris from speaking to Ignacious any further. Hubris takes this as a perfect opportunity to cause harm to her, whisking a poison-filled flask at her. Hit by the terrible concoction, Ophelia desperately begs Ignacious to help her, which he takes no hesitation to oblige. Disappointed, Hubris tells Ignacious that it is all her fault that they are ridden with "Clone Sickness" to begin with, claiming that they are terribly sick. He is about to reveal why Ophelia truly brought him into the world, before he suddenly begins breaking down due to the presence of his half brother. Ignacious saves him, but soon after he also begins feeling ill. Hubris explains that it is due to a Super Bug, the same one he and his father had to struggle with. Since he considers Ignacious as his brother, Hubris takes out his tools and operates on him to destroy the Super Bug.

After Ignacious is saved, Hubris explains to him that the reason Ophelia had brought him out of stasis was so then she could find a cure for her own disease ridden self. She admits this to Ignacious, but she also states it was so then she could keep the teachings of improvised surgery alive. She admits later on as well that the key to the Memotron she had been using to implant memories into Ignacious was a piece of Alan's brain. Agreeing to assist in returning it to him, Ignacious goes with Ophelia to the Ol' Grouch Retirement Home. When they find him, Ignacious is shocked to see Alan in such a bad way. After he is able to successfully implant Alan's brain piece back in, it's assumed they had partnered up together in the future.

Hubris's Description Edit

Ah ha ha! I get to do patient notes? MARVELOUS! Well, now! The patient, my idiot half-brother-through-DNA, is getting a taste of what it means to be genetically deficient! Fortunately, I happen to be a genius!

The Epilogue Edit

After the main story, Ophelia sets up a vacation for Ignacious and Alan so they can have a break from surgery. Ignacious is glad to have a break, only to be constantly bombarded with strange blue flowers, an injured scottish man, a drowning diver, an injured lagoon monster, and an agitated blue boar. Sometime during their misadventure, Ignacious and Alan are led to a mysterious mansion by a strange butler. They meet three injured party goers along the way, who turn out to be sleuths in disguise. Though reluctant at first, Ignacious decides to investigate the mansion in order to find answers that lie hidden in its depths.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Ignacious Bleed II Photo

Ignacious File Photo

Ignacious II has a far warmer and relaxed demeanor compared to his original. He wears a long sleeved button-up shirt under a blazer, along with a darker shade of pants and brown shoes (with design similar to his original). He still wears the same glasses, along with brown slicked hair and a fully grown beard.

Ignacious has quite the witty remarks to make about the various patients he comes across most of the time. Despite that he is a very good-natured man, doing anything he can to save those whose lives are at stake. However, there seems to be a very rare side to him due to the D'Obscene DNA within him, revealed during his encounter with Creepo at the circus. His demeanor changes from his usual warm and witty nature to a more wicked and cocky attitude similar to Hubris. He gains a mad mind to perform what are deemed "forbidden acts of surgery". It's not really clarified how exactly this persona activates and it's never reappeared since then, though it's hinted that it triggers whenever he is given a surgical task which is considered "immoral" and "forbidden".

It's revealed later on in the Epilogue that Ignacious feels unhappy at times since he was brought into the world as a fully grown clone with no other purpose but to perform surgery.

Procedure Edit

Cut into him and start with his right kidney. We then see a yellow Super Bug, leaving burn marks around him. Use the lighter to burn it. It will go away and jump to another part of the body. Next, cut off the defective right kidney by sawing it off and replacing it, as well as tending to the burns the Bug may have created. Stitch him up and move on to the liver, where the blue Super Bug inflicts frostbite to the liver. Zap the bug and it will escape again. Cut away the green liver and replace it with a healthy liver. Next, move on to the lungs where a pink Super Bug will inflict tiny scratches. Use the chainsaw to cut it and it will go away. Replace the lungs.

The Super Bug, currently blue for zapping

Finally, we move on to the brain, where we'll encounter the same Super Bug again. This time however it will be a random color. Simply remember this:

  • If it's yellow, burn it
  • If it's green, gel it
  • If it's pink, saw it
  • If it's blue, zap it

After you kill it, extract it from the body then patch up any leftover injuries from the brain.

Known Patients Edit

Level Dialogue Edit

Before Surgery Edit

Bleed II: Ophelia... what does he mean? You took me out of stasis to "save yourself"?

Ophelia: No! I mean... It's not that simple!

Hubris: Ophelia! If only I'd known what a LIAR you are... we would have gotten on SO much better!

Hubris: Are you aware you're DYING, dear Ignacious?

Bleed II: I... what?

Hubris: Why do you think you were left in stasis? You share DNA with my father and me!

Hubris: You share our terrible, loathsome bug! Speaking of which, I imagine he's just about ready to burst by now!

Bleed II: Oh dear. I... I don't feel very well.

Hubris: ...My brother. Blood is blood.

Hubris: I knew it would come to this. I am here for you.

Bleed II: Please...

After Surgery Edit

Bleed II: My word...

Ophelia: Ignacious, I'm so sorry. Hubris is telling the truth.

Ophelia: I have been sick. And I did need you. And... yes, I knew that your body wasn't ready to leave stasis.

Ophelia: But it wasn't just for me! It was... Alan.

Bleed II: Alan?

Ophelia: He lost his mind! He-

Hubris: Ha!

Ophelia: Everything we worked for - he just gave it all up!

Ophelia: Said he was finished with Improvised Surgery! Said he just wanted to be with his family!

Ophelia: I couldn't let him...

Hubris: Tell him what you did!

Ophelia: I... I'll show you.

Trivia Edit

Ignacious tutorial

Pop-up message sprite

  • When speaking to Barbara in her native language, he asks "Is something amiss, madam?", which is shown in Coptic writing.
  • In the Epilogue, Ignacious wears an orange ascot, referencing "Fred Jones" from Scooby Doo.
  • When Ignacious pops up with a message during any surgery in the main storyline, his glasses appear to be set in the opposite direction. An example of this visual error can be seen at the right.
  • Bleed Coin
    Currently, Amateur Surgeon has its own twitter page, which is dubbed "The official twitter account of Dr. Ignacious Bleed II". Tweets are written in the doctor's point of view.
  • He appears on a coin that you can extract

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