Drag Nammit
Drag nammit mutated
Melting cowboy

Known Operations




Initial Heart Rate

45 BPM (AS3)
50 BPM (AS4)

Time Limit

5:59 (AS3)
10:15 (AS4)

Drag Nammit is a patient introduced in Amateur Surgeon 3: Tag Team Trauma and is the 62nd patient in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations.

Bio Edit

Nammit, self proclaimed "prospectin' ARTISTE", was just doing his usual "prospecting" in the lake, unaware of the recent dangerous chemicals in the water. This causes his body to begin "melting".

Amateur Surgeon 3: Tag Team Trauma Edit

Ophelia Payne was searching around Raggedy-Assets Hollow for the ill when she comes across Drag Nammit. At first she mistakes him for a zombie due to his green, decomposed flesh. As he tries to talk to her, his arm falls off. Realizing he is not a threat, Ophelia takes it upon herself to investigate the cause of the man's ailment.

Loose limb

Seems you dropped something, Nammit.

After a successful surgery, he returns to his normal self, rid of the toxic chemicals. Nammit was quite impressed with Ophelia's skills, though he got a little irked when she expressed disgust towards his "prospecting".

Ophelia's Description Edit

OBSERVATIONS: The patient was panning for gold in..."suspicious" waters, and seems to be...Well...He's kind of...He's MELTING - there! I said it! What IS this?!

What if he IS a zombie? We should do a test !-ALAN

SYMPTOMS: Every single organ seems to be shutting down! No - MELTING down! I couldn't even find a pulse! AND THEN HIS HAND FELL OFF!

I've got it! If we shoot him in the head and he dies, it means he's a zombie! Science! -ALAN

ACTION: We'll need to replace ALL his internal organs - and quickly! If we wait much longer we'll be ladling them out with a spoon...

Wait...I think my idea kills him even if he's NOT a zombie. Let's not do that! -ALAN

Personality and Appearance Edit

Nammit's Western apparel consists of a cowboy hat, a vest and pants which are torn to shreds, boots, and a neckerchief around his neck. He also has a single leg brace. While sick, his skin appears green, yellow icky chemicals dripping from his limbs and mouth, melting most of the flesh on his body. When cured, he is revealed to have a medium skin tone, his flesh healed from the horrible flesh wounds.

With his grey short hair and beard, Nammit seems to be typical old-fashioned prospector, searching through the waste-filled lake within Raggedy-Assets Hollow. However he's not interested in finding gold, for he's not in it for the money. He's in it for the ART.

Procedure Edit

Nammit pre-op

drag nammit pre-op

Be sure to give Nammit a few shots of the injector before beginning the operation. You'll be using the chainsaw for most of the surgery to replace the organs. There will also be poison, which can be either be sucked up with the syringe or sliced out and sucked up with the vacuum. Cauterise any small and large cuts you come across. After surgeoning through the first two areas, which are the lungs and the liver, you'll encounter fleas when slicing into the areas of the kidney and the heart. Use the battery to zap 'em dead as they land and extract them. The heart is the final organ to transplant.


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