Dwayne Pipe


Dwayne Pipe President

Known operations





Hubris D'Obscene (son/clone)


Dr. Alan Probe (sworn enemy)
Officer Brutality

Initial Heart Rate

60 BPM; 20 BPM (AS1, Act 1; 3)
50 BPM (AS Christmas)
20 BPM (AS2, Both Acts)
59 BPM; 51 BPM (AS4, Lvl 13; 85)
42 BPM; 76 BPM (AS4, Lvl 24; 54)

Time Limit

7:19; 7:59 (AS1, Act 1; 3)
5:20 (AS Christmas)
3:46; 5:26 (AS2, Act 1; 2)
3:20; 1:10 (AS4, Lvl 13; 85)
2:16; 2:55 (AS4, Lvl 24; 54)

Dwayne Pipe a.k.a Horrace D'Obscene, later known as the President is the main antagonist of the game Amateur Surgeon. He is the last patient in Act 1 and Act 3 in Amateur Surgeon, both Acts in Amateur Surgeon 2, and is the 13th, 24th, 54th, and 85th patient in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations.

Bio Edit

As a student under Dr. Bleed's supervision, Dwayne thought it was boring so he created a concoction to poison all of Dr. Bleed's patients and let Dr. Bleed take the fall. Sometime in his life, another patient deduced that he was the murderer, so he hid himself in the jungle. After leaving the jungle, he took the name Horrace D'Obscene to avoid suspicion.

Amateur Surgeon Edit

He first introduced himself to another student of Dr. Bleed, Alan Probe, to let Alan operate on him and remove the insects he had in his body. Later, he revealed himself as Dwayne thanks to Aureola (who was the vengeful daughter of two of his victims). After he witnessed her own partially defused bomb blow up in her face, he poisoned Dr. Bleed with the same poison that killed his patients. Dwayne ran out of the hospital only to get caught by Officer Brutality, who made Alan operate on him. Later, Dwayne got imprisoned for all his (and Aureola's) crimes.

Alan's Description Edit

Act 1 Edit

Patient is very unsettling to deal with and acts like a real weirdo. I think he's Italian, or Scottish or something. He's been out of the country for some time and has just returned. Not much to go on. He wants to be cut open, and that's about it… Not sure what we'll find… Open him up and take a look. Dr. Bleed is absent, so this one will be done solo…

Act 3 Edit

Horrace, Dwayne. Whatever he's called, he was young, brilliant and has the best surgeon ever as his teacher — this is what he chose to do with all that potential? What a douche-bag! Looks like Dr. Bleed was right when he said I was foolish to operate without him. Seems I missed some kind of giant monster-bug thing that's now crawling around him and preventing his escape! Oh no! Oh deary me! Boo-hoo! This jerk would have let Bleed and Aureola to die! It'd be easy to be just like him and do the same. But I'm not like that! Dwayne Pipe — prepare to be Alan Probed! YEAH BABY!

Amateur Surgeon: Christmas Edition Edit


Dwayne returns as a character named ???. It is shown that Officer Brutality made him his cooking assistant and decided that exile would have been better than that, so he left to the North Pole. In his stay he got frozen and had to be operated on by Alan again.

Alan's Description Edit

I can't make out the face, but there's something about this guy that makes my blood run cold… Or is that just the giant block of ice he's trapped in? He's as cold as ice. There's an ice-block where his heart used to be. Ice. Ice baby! They say humour is a great icebreaker, but I always say "When you absolutely, positively have to cut every last other sucker out of a giant ice-cube — Bonesaw 3000 is the best there is." It's likely that internal organs will have shut down from the cold, so we'll remove them and warm them up.

Amateur Surgeon 2 Edit

During some time, he got out of jail, ran for president and won. His first act as president was to shut down all of Alan's hospitals, justificating the reason just because they are "farcically unsafe", as accorded to Alan. He had a queer disease which made his aide, Bradley, find one of the best doctors alive, Alan Probe. He forced Bradley to kill Alan after he was cured, but Bradley couldn't bring himself to do it. After he learned that Bradley was Alan's grandson, he or his staff beat him up and he had to be operated. He himself broke down and had to be operated on by Alan Probe. Alan reported Dwayne and was forced to reopen all the "Bleed Everywhere" hospitals after having his life saved by him with immediate effect, and was watched by an aged Officer Brutality to make sure he keeps the promise.

Alan's Description Edit

Act 1 Edit

I'm used to improvising in surgery. I'm used sub-optimal working conditions. Heck, with my incontinence and dementia, I'm used to forgetting to use the toilet. But operating in the dark on a totally unknown condition? That's new!

Act 2 Edit

There's nothing like a good nemesis to keep you feeling young! Shame this guy is nothing like a good nemesis… It's taken 70 years to accumulate the experience for this surgery… Almost seems a shame to waste it on him!

Amateur Surgeon 3 Edit

While Dwayne doesn't appear in person in Amateur Surgeon 3, his "son", Hubris (who turned out to be his clone), takes Dwayne's place as the villain, plotting revenge against Alan for foiling his father twice. Hubris acts and performs deeds almost exactly like Dwayne in the last two games.

Personality Edit

Dwayne serves as Alan's direct antithesis: Seemingly charming and charismatic, he is a cold, cruel and heartless killer who takes delight in others' pain and suffering. His remorseless sociopathy is a stark contrast to the other criminals seen in the series.

As the president, he puts the mask of a reasonable, if short-tempered man. Once he reveals himself, he's shown to be consumed by revenge, wanting nothing more than his perpetrator Alan's suffering, even attacking member of his own family (Bradley) just to spite him. He tends to call Alan "pizza boy" as a recurring insult.

Procedure Edit

Amateur Surgeon Edit

Act 1 Edit

Horrace pre-op shed

Act 1 pre-op screen

When first entering his body, all seems normal. But after patching up the wounds outside the heart, ants will pop out, causing more large wounds to cauterize. Bring in your accuracy game and use the car battery to one-shot the ants. When everything's patched up, you'll be able to slice into the heart. Cauterize the cuts, then use the etchy-sketch to locate the hidden bug nest. Use the pizza cutter to expose it*, then zap it three times to bring out the gold queen ant. Zap the escaped ants and its queen(which takes 3 zaps to kill in AS4). You will have to repeat these steps of locating and zapping two more times before being able to close up Dwayne*.

  • In AS4, the bug nest will reveal itself after patching up all the wounds inside the heart. It seems they sort of changed this surgery as well, for you only have to deal with the bug nest and bugs once as opposed to AS1.

Act 3 Edit

Dwayne pre-op old hospital

Act 3 pre-op screen

This level will give players hell if they aren't good with the car battery. Exclusive to AS1, there is a hidden creature which is making cuts on the lungs when making the first incision. However, it's not a tapeworm doing the damage this time. It's a centipede which will keep leaving cuts until you find a way to get rid of it. There are two ways to deal with this:

  • You can use the car battery around the area the centipede is currently hiding(e.g. most recent cuts) . This will lure it out, where you can then kill it with the chainsaw. This will leave an extra wound to staple and cauterise.
  • However, if you're afraid of the huge risk of accidentally stopping the patient's heart rate, you could simply use the chainsaw near the most recent cut. If you're fast enough, you will instantly kill the centipede.

After killing the centipede, a huge spider will pop out for zapping. Afterwards there are bug nests you will have to find with the etchy-sketch. With each one found it will reveal a huge spider after zapping the nest thrice, along with poison to slice and suck out. Afterwards you'll be taken back out and will have to enter his kidneys. There's another centipede that needs to be taken care of, which will let out a small queen ant after being killed. Then there's more hidden bug nests that need to be located, this time filled with ants. When finding the 2nd bug nest, killing the queen ant will release even more ants to zap.

After that area is taken care of, be sure to heal Dwayne up a bit if his heart rate is low, then slice into his heart. After killing the centipede in this area, it will reveal a queen scorpion. You must use your chainsaw on it in order to destroy it, where it will then release more scorpions from its body that require the same method. Killing the scorpions will leave behind poison. When the mayhem's all patched up you can finally close up.

  • This surgery has an immense amount of change in it in AS4. All bug nests are exposed for one thing, as well as a total lack of centipedes. The only area which keeps a somewhat similar appearance is the scorpion-filled heart. Due to these changes, the time limit has been dropped severely, so unless you have some time-saving partners with you, you have to kill the bugs with swift accuracy.

Amateur Surgeon: Christmas Edition Edit

A mysterious man who is totally unrecognizable

christmas pre-op

Use the chainsaw to chop off pieces of ice to extract from the body. You may have to give him some shots of healing. When rid of all the ice, you can make the incision into his kidneys where 3 ice spikes are lodged alongside a frozen kidney. Extract the spikes, then use the spray and match to melt the ice on the kidney so you can then saw it out. After placing back the warmed kidney, you'll have to thaw the frozen heart.

As well as ice shards to extract, there are also frozen ants which you'll have to free with the lighter in order to zap them. When all of that is taken care of, saw out the cold heart. After placing the warmed organ back into the body, a bunch of ants will pop out. After killing them off, you'll have to use the etchy-sketch to locate the hidden bug nests. Zap it as usual to lure out the queen to exterminate. When locating the 2nd bug nest, killing the queen will leave behind a final wave of ants.

Keep note that leaving the ants alive for too long may leave behind small flames.

Amateur Surgeon 2 Edit

Act 1 Edit

Can you see him

act 1 pre-op

When making the first incision, there is poison and small cuts that need to be handled. Then you will encounter the boss when entering his kidneys: a killer wasp. Be sure to take care of the poison first, then wait for the wasp to land to zap it (it's possible to zap the wasp while it is still flying, but this is a huge risk due to its speed). It will fall after the third shock. Be sure to cauterise the small cuts during the surgery.

  • In AS2, each shock will leave behind some poison to suck up.

Act 2 Edit


act 2 pre-op

Patch up the cuts on the body (along with some shots of healing), then slice into him. Suck up the poison and patch up the cuts, then slice on into the major battleground. In the original, there are centipedes which you'd have to kill off with the chainsaw, leaving behind poison afterward. However they were replaced by ants in AS4.

Prepare yourself for the huge monster bug after patching up the small cuts. The screen will begin to rumble, where the monster bug will then pop up at you, latching onto the screen. In order to weaken it, you have to use the lighter on it (the chainsaw in AS4's case). It will release its grip and become dazed, leaving its eyes wide open for the syringe's needle. Each time you successfully suck out one of its eyes, it will retreat, leaving behind centipedes/ants to kill.

The monster bug will be defeated after the third successful injection of the syringe, exploding in a big mess of centipedes/poison. This may have been the final bug in Dwayne's entire body.

Levels Dialogue Edit



Before Surgery

Alan: Man, I can't believe the doc left me on my own. What if some utter headcase comes in? I-

Horrace: Bonsoir. I am Horrace.

Horrace: You are the pizza boy who operates with a spoon?

Alan: Pizza cutter, actually.

Horrace: Take up your spoon, child! I will be most interested to see what you find within me!

After surgery

Alan: You were full of weird bugs but I killed them all.

Horrace: Did you know the brighter and more beautiful the creature, the more extravagant and excruciating its poison?

Alan: OK! Well that's great! Off you go now!

Alan: ...

Girl: Hey you! I'm looking for someone!

Alan: (She's hot!)

Alan: Listen, whoever it is you're looking for, I think it may be me!

Girl: Euch.

Girl: I wanted the... surgeon. Goodbye.

Alan: Hey wait! Wait!

Alan: Argh! This stupid uniform! How can anyone recognise me as a master surgeon when I'm wearing this thing?


Coming Soon!


Before Surgery

Probe: Ok. Santa crashed in an ice field and we're following the reindeer to find him - fine. I understand that.

Probe: But why am I in the crappy elf suit again?

Generic: Santa's reindeer will only help Santa or his elves!

Generic: Therefore, you need to look like an elf!

Probe: This is so lame.

Mincer: GLAAARP!

Probe: Hey! Something's frozen in the snow!

???: ...

After Surgery

???: Wrrrrt drrrrr frrrrrk? ARRRN PRRRRB?!

Probe: Take that stupid hood off, I can't hear you...

Dwayne Pipe: AUGH! Pizza boy!?

Probe: Dwayne?! I thought Officer Brutality gave you some kind of special punishment for trying to kill everyone?!

Dwayne: He tied me up in his basement with a red apple on my mouth and made me help him with his cooking classes!

Dwayne: Bring out the Shrimp! Bring out the Shrimp!' it was torture! So I chose exile!

Generic: Who is this guy?

Probe: He's the crazy jerk who killed my wife's parents then tried to kill my mentor and best friend 10 years ago.

Generic: Sound's like a big humbug.

Dwayne: Muahahahah! Soon I will kill you!

Probe: Yep. Well, enjoy your exile, you jerk!



Before surgery

Bradley: Alan! It's time to go!

Alan: I am all kinds of ready!

Bradley: Please put this blindfold on - we're going for a ride!

Bradley: We're here! You can take the blindfold off.

Alan: Right!

Alan: Uh... It's still dark! If you can just turn on some lights, I'll get to it!

Bradley: Ah... yes, about that... I'm afraid the identity of my employer can never be compromised.

Alan: Meaning?

Bradley: Here's a torch.

Bradley: If you shine it anywhere near his face, I will be forced to shoot you.

Alan: You ARE kidding me?

After surgery

Alan: Well, that was pretty crazy!

Figure: psstwsssspsss

Bradley: My employer says: "You'd better have gotten them all out this time".

Alan: Tell him he's welcome - the ingrate!

Alan: So, what's the deal now?

Figure: pssspspssp

Bradley: My employer says that he is extremely grateful.

Bradley: Is there anything you would like in return for your services?

Alan: Heh. The only thing I really want is to be allowed to be a surgeon again!

Alan: Legally, I mean.

Alan: And for Aureola and the kids to come back.

Alan: ...but I guess that ain't going to happen...

Bradley: Why don't you go and wait in the car, Alan? I will join you in a moment.

Alan: Heh! Don't be long - The ol' bladder's not what it used to be! Heh heh!

Bradley: Well sir?

Bradley: Couldn't you pull some strings? He DID just save your life.

Figure: Indeed. Yes. I would like to do something for mister Probe.

Figure: Take him to a little place he can call his own - somewhere out of the way.

Bradley: You want me to set him up with an office? Oh sir - that's wonde-

Figure: Then shoot him in the back of the head.

Bradley: SIR! I-

Figure: You will leave now.

Figure: You can turn the lights on as you go.

Figure: I imagine the effect will be... Suitably dramatic.

Bradley: I...

Bradley: Yes sir...


The President: DUM DUM DUUUUM!


Before surgery

Dwayne: How does it feel, pizza boy?

Dwayne: To know that your old nemesis has WON!?

Dwayne: I WIN!


Alan: God you're a douche.

Alan: I mean wow. WOW!

Dwayne: You even SAVED my LIFE!

Dwayne: You pulled all those bugs out of me!

Dwayne: You...


Dwayne: Uh oh.

Alan: AH HA HA HA!!! Looks like I missed a few!

Alan: God, I SUCK at those bug extraction surgeries!

Alan: Tick-tock, Dwayne!

Alan: Tell you what, I'll save you if you promise to stop being a douche?

Alan: Oh what the hell - one last time for old time's sake!

After surgery

Bradley: Ugh... Alan, I'm so sorry.

Bradley: It's true. I am your grandson. I just wanted to bring our family back together...

Bradley: I thought if I became aide to the president, I could find a way to help you!

Bradley: I had no idea the president was the bad guy!

Bradley: I mean, how does a criminal imprisoned for MURDER manage to get out of jail, disguise his identity...

Bradley: And then run for, and become, president of the United States?

Alan: Ha! Listen... grandson. We could sit here and poke holes in the plot all night...

Alan and Bradley: (stare at the screen)

Alan: ...but I think I'd rather we went and visited some of our family, and started rebuilding some old bridges! Whaddya say?

Bradley: Let's go... grandpa!

Trivia Edit

No cigarette

Comparison of Dwayne with his signature cigarette in AS1(left), and him without it in AS4(right)

  • Dwayne Pipe's cigarette is completely absent in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations. This may be due to censorship, since the game had initially been given an E for Everyone ESRB rating. It has since been changed to T for Teens, but his cigarette remains abesent.
    • A funny thing to point out is that his pre-operation pose art for levels 13, 54, and 85 remain untouched. However, the operation table which displays the target scores conveniently covers the cigarette he's holding in his right hand.
  • His true name is a pun, which sounds like the words "drain pipe."
  • Dwayne appears to have a high fascination for scorpions.
    Dwayne Pipe Unused Pose

    Unused Pipe sprite/pose

  • In Amateur Surgeon's game files, there's an unused sprite of Dwayne which is a variation of the pose where he's grinning smugly. His left arm is slightly raised with the hand facing forward in this varied pose (refer to example at right). This pose can be partially seen in Amateur Surgeon 4 in Dwayne's patient icon (Level 85) in the main menu, though his cigarette's been removed.
  • In AS2, the tagline on the desk in the dialogue background of the white house says "President", when it should have been supposed to be "Dwayne". This might have been done to avoid spoilers. It may also be because Dwayne never revealed his true identity when he was elected as the president.
  • In the original Amateur Surgeon 2 only, if one were to look closely at the Mystery Boss's pre-operation screen, one can depict Dwayne's true self in midst of the darkness.
  • In Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations, even though his second Amateur Surgeon surgery takes place in the Old Hospital(Level 85), he is shown to be lying on the pool table from his earlier surgery for some odd reason.
  • Though he doesn't appear in Amateur Surgeon 4's Epilogue himself, a portrait of him in his presidential disguise hangs on the wall of the rundown cabin, which can be seen during episode 2's "surgery". This is the portrait Bluebris uses to spy on Ignacious and Alan during their vacation.
  • It's speculated Horrace was originally going to be named "Horrors" due to the name on his concept art.
  • In Amateur Ninja (a game by Mediatonic), portraits of Dwayne can be found throughout different levels.
  • In the first mission of Gigolo Assassin (another game by Mediatonic), the Voodoo Chef has a special party mask which has Dwayne's signature hat hanging from it.

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