Ed in trouble



Initial Heart Rate

80 BPM (Amateur Surgeon 3)
81 BPM (Amateur Surgeon Re-Generations)

Time Limit

5:19 (Amateur Surgeon 3)
3:36 (Amateur Surgeon Re-Generations)

Ed Scape is a patient from Amateur Surgeon 3: Tag Team Trauma and is the 31st patient in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations. He is one of the three injured "wardens" from Shanks-A-Lot Prison.

Amateur Surgeon 3: Tag Team Trauma Edit

While present in the "Funterrogation Room", inmate Earnest Pickles was able to assault Ed, using a tiny wire to strangle him. Unable to crack Ed's neck, Earnest gives up and leaves him with a slashed-open neck. Ophelia arrives just in the nick of time to save him.

Ophelia's Description Edit

OBSERVATIONS: Ugh - it's like they threw a party in the most unsettling flea-infested room in the world - then garroted the only guest!

Maybe it was a surprise party? ...I know I'D be surprised! -ALAN

SYMPTOMS: Neck arteries: almost severed. Heart rate: dropping. Fleas: rampant...I need more tools!

Improvise! You're here to learn! -ALAN

ACTION: If I can keep the bleeding under control while I kill the fleas...This will STILL be very hard!

Remember your partner! He'll need a BEE AY TEE AYCH if there are fleas! -ALAN

Procedure Edit

This surgery introduces the car battery. Use it to shock the fleas(for a more accurate shot, wait for said flea to land.) For the burst arteries, use the newly implemented clamps to stop the bleeding, then use the lighter and Pain Away to heal the artery wound. You'll encounter more burst arteries and fleas throughout the surgery, minor cuts included.

Trivia Edit

  • His name is a pun of the word "escape".


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