Edgar Stubbington III is the fourth patient of Act 2 in Amateur Surgeon. He has a tattoo that says "MOM" on his right arm and a cobweb tattoo on his head. Edgar is a criminal who wants Alan Probe to fill him "chock-full of steroids", so that nobody can do anything to him.

Alan's Description Edit

The patient is a British nobility, although you might not guess it. He works as a "Trouble-man", fixing it so that for the right price certain people won't trouble you again. Reports that there is some kind of assailant going around attacking criminals has got the patient spooked. He wants steroid implants to ensure his own safety. Implant growth hormones into various sections of the patient's body. Hulk Smash!

Procedure Edit

Simply make incisions where directed and plop the steroids into the open cut. The cut can be patched up as normal. In AS1 misplacing the steroid tablet will immediately drop the heart to zero, so keep a steady hand!

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