Elephant Boy
Elephant Boy cropped



Known Operations



Circus Freak-Out

Initial Heart Rate

80 BPM (AS2 CF)
106 BPM (AS4)

Time Limit

3:5980 BPM (AS2 CF)
2:47 (AS4)

Elephant Boy (also spelled as Elefant Boy) is a patient from Amateur Surgeon 2's Circus Freak-Out. He appears in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations as the 71st patient.

Bio Edit

As one of the performers at the Circus Freak-Out, this elephant has taken the role of a human boy, going so far as to dress and act like one.

Amateur Surgeon 2's Circus Freak-Out Edit

With Mileena Lamia's directions, Alan Probe and Bradley meet Elephant Boy in a circus tent. He has peanuts stuck in his trunk and body. When he's cured he hands a mysterious sparkly ball to Alan. Curious, Alan and Bradley continue onward to find the purpose for the ball.

Alan's Description Edit

Patient appears to be an elephant who thinks he's a boy. Or is that the other way around?

Appearance and Personality Edit

Just as the name suggests, Elephant Boy is large elephant wearing a shirt, pants, a striped tie and pinwheel hat with a peanut decal. He carries a sack which holds his peanuts. He is a friendly presence and was grateful for Alan's help, though he dislikes jokes poked at his nut-sack.

Procedure Edit

Throughout the surgery, you will have to extract peanuts found in various parts of Elephant Boy with the tongs. There's also numerous burns which must be healed with Pain Away. Remember that the smaller peanut debris can be cleared with the vacuum.


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