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Stupidly handsome

Known Operations





Hubris D'Obscene (father/creator/original)

Initial Heart Rate

94 BPM; 75 BPM (Lvl 15; E12)

Time Limit

3:35; 2:00 (Lvl 15; E12)

Faker Hubris(also known simply as Blue Hubris or Bluebris) is the 15th patient from Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations. He later reappears in the Epilogue as a minor antagonist. He is a fellow clone of Hubris D'Obscene.

Bio[edit | edit source]

A clone created by Hubris D'Obscene, Bluebris was contained in one of the vaults in the lab, kept in cryogenic slumber.

Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations[edit | edit source]

While exploring the lab, Dr. Ignacious Bleed II is led to a group of nearby stasis chambers by the voice on the intercom. Before Ignacious has a chance to speak, he is suddenly startled by a blue man in a hospital gown who had seemingly come out of nowhere. The voice explains that the man is a clone of the infamous mastermind Hubris D'Obscene and that she plans to gain information from him on the true Hubris's whereabouts. Since he had recently been released from his chamber, Bluebris's various organs had become half-frozen. Besides not being able to throw a proper insult at Ignacious, he was unable to release the info due to his frozen brain.

After Ignacious is able to thaw the clone's chilled body, he regains his intellect and informs him that Hubris had ventured to Guru Mountain in order to find a cure for the "Clone Sickness".

Bleed's Description[edit | edit source]

The recently defrosted patient appears to be a clone of a notorious villain! However, he has information we need - and judging from his witticisms, we'll need to seriously warm up his faculties first.

Epilogue[edit | edit source]

Blue Hubris revealed by the end of the Epilogue

Instead of following his creator's footsteps in vengeance, he decided to go for a more normal life. However when attempting to apply for a job, he would always be rejected. Therefore he decided to give the world a taste of how it felt to be "him" by creating "the Blutation". Traveling to Lunacy Falls, he harvests the rare coffee bean and creates the "coffee virus".

Disguising himself as "Tremblay the Butler", his intention was to give everyone a sip of the coffee, where he would witness everyone's skin turn blue. He was unaware of the harmful mutating afterward, that is until he realized Karl had hopped into the vat full of the blutating coffee. After he is unmasked by the end of the Epilogue, he's requested by Ophelia to come with her, Ignacious, and Alan. He does so without further denial.

Personality and Appearance[edit | edit source]


Bluebris appears to be a toned down version of Hubris when it comes to personality. He seemed to have a moral good side to him, but this was covered with resent due to the fact he was always rejected from landing a job. In his first appearance, he simply wore a medical gown and the trademark D'Obscene hat. When disguised as Tremblay, he wore a casual butler's suit. His blue skin seems to be a permanent trait, most likely due to an error during the cloning process or because he was kept in cryogenic slumber for an overextended period of time.

Procedure[edit | edit source]

Main Surgery (Level 15)[edit | edit source]

Faker Hubris pre-op

Use the lighter to melt the ice present throughout Faker's body. You'll also encounter fleas when traveling to his intestine and kidneys. However they are trapped in ice cubes, so you'll have to melt the cubes with the lighter first in order to free the fleas. Then zap the pests with the car battery as they land from their hop. The only other task you'll have to handle is extracting the multiple ice shards lodged in his heart with the tongs.

The 3 areas can be ventured into in any order(just as long as you've melted all the ice from outside his body.) Using partners Iron Wang and Chad Burnem will instantly melt all ice within an area, excluding ice shards.

Epilogue (Level E12)[edit | edit source]

Use the tongs to grab the zipper of the Tremblay mask and extract the split parts of the face. This will reveal a spooky watermelon. Extinguish the eye flames with the vacuum, then saw the melon in half for removal. This will leave behind a bunch of seeds for suckage. Use the cutter to slice off the bandages. On the way you'll encounter little scorpions that'd like to have a conversation with your chainsaw. Keep sawing them until they are eradicated into poison.

The many masks of disguise

When all bandages are removed, use the lighter to burn off the hairy mask, then vacuum up the burst flames to reveal the next mask. Extract the goofy glasses and hair, then saw off the ears and slice off the middle of the mask when directed. After exposing the mysterious metal skull mask, chainsaw its jewel eye off and suck up its debris. This will reveal a gear, which you can use the clamp on to open the other eye. Saw and vacuum like before, then zap the exposed battery within the eye socket. This will pop open the skull, leaving behind its pieces for extraction and a few fires to extinguish.

After you've taken care of everything, you can finally remove the last mask: a paper grocery bag. Simply lift it up and remove it with the tongs and Bluebris shall be revealed!

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Bluebris reappearing in the closet

  • Bluebris's favorite color is blue.
  • When viewed from the front, Bluebris appears to have a shorter haircut compared to Hubris from his younger years.
  • If you take a close look at the portrait of the President while putting the other portraits in place during the E2 surgery, you'll notice a couple of eyes taking little peeks at what you're doing. The peeper is none other than Bluebris. He reappears later in the closet for a short time.
  • Bluebris's Coffee Virus, a.k.a the C-virus, seems to be a parody/reference of the virus under the same abbreviation in the Resident Evil series.[1] It possesses similar traits, such as causing a victim to go through an agonizing and revolting mutation. Additionally, the harmful effects take place immediately on contact.
  • Bluebris appears as a special patient in the Pagoda of Pain, one of Amateur Surgeon 4's Blood Cup tournaments. He goes by the name "The Blue Ninja" and is the third patient of the ninja-themed tournament.

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