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Nowe and Evermore
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Known Operations




Initial Heart Rate

85 BPM (Amateur Surgeon 4; Level P3)

Time Limit

3:04 (Amateur Surgeon 4; Lvl P3)

Filthy Nowe (pronounced "now") is a character introduced in Amateur Surgeon Hospital. He the becomes a partner in Amateur Surgeon 3: Tag Team Trauma. He reappears as a partner and patient in Amateur Surgeon 4.


Amateur Surgeon Bio:  “Filthy” Nowe and his trusty magpie friend “Evermore” are quite the double act. One of them makes inhuman noises, poops indiscriminately and likes to steal glittery objects. The other one is a magpie.Nowe seems largely incapable of coherent speech — or even thought. Evermore pretty much does both for him.


Filthy Nowe appears to be a blind, old, homeless man wearing a tainted jacket and buisness attire. His pet magpie, Evermore, helps to steal objects from people.


  • It's evident from his official art from Amateur Surgeon Hospital that he was originally going to be named "Flaky Nowe".
  • He has a counterpart named "Funky Nowe" from the Through the Ages Blood Cup.
  • In his pre op, he shares a simliar pose with [1]
  • His bird, Evermore is a pun on "Quoth the Raven, Nevermore"