Fire is one of the injuries in the Amateur Surgeon series. It is caused by many things. It can be created with the lighter. It is extinguished by sucking up liquid with the vacuum and then spraying it onto the base of the fire. If fire is left for too long, it will start creating burns around it.

Amateur Surgeon Edit


Fire was introduced in this game. It occurs while burning a stapled large cut during Vince Blownapart's surgery. It also occurs on various patients who have chips that need to be removed. A form of it has to be created during Bio-Utility Mechanoid's surgery.

Amateur Surgeon: Christmas Edition Edit

Fire occurs during Generic the Elf's surgery when extracting the wires from the heart. It also occurs after removing Junkyard Guts's present from Bjorn the bipolar bear.

Amateur Surgeon 2 Edit

Fire returns in this game. It can be created during Napoleon Trotterski's surgery if the player gets a word wrong on the type'n'tell. It also occurs during Princess Starla's surgery when burning the fats and the hair between the eyebrows.

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