Flicky John Flick
Diddle for the Middle



Known Operations


Initial Heart Rate

20 BPM

Time Limit


Partner Type



Grants the player "miss immunity"

Flicky "John" Flick is a Common type partner from Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations. He is the 5th patient (P5) encountered in Dr. Rashid's side story.

Bio Edit

Trained by the British secret services and former twelve year holder of the "World Darts Champion" title, John is a sharp marksman.

Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations Edit

John is re-generated, injured by his own darts. One of his eyes had suffered as well, but Rashid was able to implant a special magnifying device to restore his sight. John gives his cheers to Rashid then turns to find a nearby pub. He's oblivious of the two giant claws the intercom has set on him as he walks off. He's soon placed back into the Re-Generator.

Rashid's Description Edit

Wow! A world-class darts champion trained by the secret services! I can see how this guy would come in handy in the operating theater!

Appearance and Personality Edit

Proud yet affable, John is a light skinned, portly man of short stature who enjoys going to bars and pubs for celebratory beer, snacks, and a couple round of darts. His hair's faded and his huge eyebrows are bushy. His cheeks and nose are tipped with blush. He wears a blue and orange polo shirt with blue jeans and black shoes. He owns a set of red-ended darts with medical crosses on their flights.

Skill Edit

  • When tagged in, a blinking crosshair will appear before three darts are thrown into the patient. John will then quickly swipe the darts out of the patient, activating "miss immunity". The player will be prevented from missing with the tools for a short time.
    Flicky John Flick Ability

    Flicky "John" Flick's ability

Procedure Edit

Flicky John Flick Device

Magnifying device

John's initial heart rate is low, so you may want to give him some shots of the injector first. Extract all the darts and staple, cauterise, and gel the leftover wounds from John's face. You should then be directed to slice into his eye. Cure the poison puddles with either the syringe or the cutter and vacuum. You'll then have to place down various parts of a vision-enhancing device into the eye (refer to example at right).

Gallery Edit

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