Flow Master
Flow Master




"Kung Fu Urologist"

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Initial Heart Rate

36 BPM

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Boosts score counter

Flow Master is a partner who first appeared in Amateur Surgeon 3: Tag Team Trauma. He later returns in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations as a Common type partner. His partner surgery can be found under the label P25.

Bio Edit

Flow Master is a well known street surgeon who has mastered the fine arts of Kung Fu and urology through three years of experience.

Amateur Surgeon 3: Tag Team Trauma Edit

He is one of the many partners that can be used throughout the game. Though he does not have a main part in the story, he will appear in cutscenes with Ophelia Payne if chosen as the current partner.

Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations Edit

Flow Master is re-generated as Dr. Rashid and Ophelia get to work on mending the rest of the glitched partners. The Master is riddled with weapons, as well as infected kidneys. After being healed, Ophelia tricks him into heading back into the Re-Generator, insisting that it is a portal to Guru Mountain where patients await his teachings in "the Way of the Flow".

Rashid's Description Edit

Legend has it that he's the only surgeon to have a black belt in both Kung Fu and urology. He must be a little bit rusty, as he's full of ninja stars at the moment.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Expressing a seemingly calm and even spiritual demeanor, Flow Master appears wearing an open vest and pants, which sleeves are torn. A sash hangs from the waist. Two pens sit in his vest pocket, one blue and one red. A red sash with a medical cross on the front holds up his spiky, dark brown hair. A faded beard and thick, wavy eyebrows make up his face. His body is well built due to years of training.

Skills Edit

  • In Amateur Surgeon 3, Flow Master was able to automatically double the score counter for a limited time. Now in Amateur Surgeon 4, he acts similar to Crumpet Murphy, where he is able to bump up the score counter a level.
  • Flower Master, the groovy Legendary counterpart of Flow Master, retains the same skill, except he now auto-triggers and has a new "flower-power" animation.

Procedure Edit

Firstly, extract the shurikens and scroll from Flow Master's body with the tongs, then patch up the large and small cuts as normal. Alongside this, there are two shurikens hidden in the body, which can be located with the scanner. When you have pinpointed their location, slice them out with the pizza cutter to reveal them for removal. Once cleared, you will be able to make an incision into his kidneys. Besides the single pool of poison resting on the right kidney, there is also a shuriken hidden inside that kidney. Afterwards, the left kidney must be sawed off and replaced.

Trivia Edit

  • Flow Master is apparently ridiculed by others for his name and profession. It's even stated in his bio in Amateur Surgeon 3 that he's "heard all your pee jokes".
  • In Flow Master's Partner Special, the partner description reads "Someone's attacked him iron?" Since Iron Wang is the only partner that wields hot irons as weapons, it's possible the two may have a bit of a rivalry with each other.
  • His name was slightly altered between games. In AS3, his name was written as "Flowmaster". Later on in AS4, it transitioned to "Flow Master". Another change he's seem to have had are with his eyebrows. They're shorter and less bushier in AS4. Also, his hair was originally black.
    • Sprites of him from Surgeon 3's game files depict him with brown hair and thinner eyebrows.
Flow Meditating - Shouting - Staring


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