The Heart Rate is a mechanic in the Amateur Surgeon series that determines the patient's health. If the patient's health rate drops to 0, they will die, resulting in a game over.

In Amateur Surgeon 1, Christmas Edition, and 4, special animations after a patient's death will play, while in games 2 and 3 a simple clipboard is shown indicating a patient's death. All deaths play the same dooming flatline.

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General Edit

  • Usually, when leaving a cut cauterised, the heart rate will drop faster until the player heals it.
  • Unlike Amateur Surgeon, patients let out a fully audible yell when they have died in Amateur Surgeon 4, followed by a scare chord.

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Patient Death Screams Edit

Type of Patient Death Scream
All males
Male scream 6
All human females
Female scream 4
All robot-related females
Robot female scream 1
Mr. Giblets
Dog scream 3
Hisser scream 4
Rev's Organ
Organ scream 3
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