Hisser relieved



Known Operations


Initial Heart Rate

30 BPM (AS3)
44 BPM (AS4)

Time Limit

3:00 (AS3)
3:09 (AS4)

Hisser is an animal patient from Amateur Surgeon 3: Tag Team Trauma and appears as the 64th patient in Amateur Surgeon 4; Re-Generations.

Bio Edit

Acting as The Boom Shack's bodyguard, Hisser is a male alligator who is only a few weeks old. However, a strange phenomena that befell Lunacy Falls causes Hisser to grow large in size.

Amateur Surgeon 3: Tag Team Trauma Edit

At some point in time, while guarding the Boom Shack, Hisser had been settling in the lake. He was unaware that the lake had been recently infected with chemicals. Soon Hisser had grown abnormally huge, as well as the leeches that had begun feasting on his back. Miss Alissa, Hisser's owner, becomes worried for Hisser and sets off to search for help. Fortunately, she meets Ophelia Payne at the front of her shop, who is able to help exterminate the glowing mutant leeches. Hisser appears to take a high liking to Ophelia afterwards.

Ophelia's Description Edit


I understand the owner of an isolated boat store wanting extra security...But when does adding AN ALLIGATOR to a situation make it "more safe"?!

An alligator offers companionship and jaws that can crush the bones of your enemies -ALAN


For an alligator only a few weeks old this is HUGE! ...but then the more pressing concern is probably the leeches eating it alive...Why are they glowing?!


Sometimes waiting for leeches to drink their fill and fall of can b- OH GOD ONE BURST AND I'M COVERED IN LEECH JUICE!!! EWWWW!!!

Yeah, probably deal with them before they burst -ALAN

Procedure Edit

The leeches throughout the level can be dealt with in several ways. Tapping them with tools such as the pizza cutter, chainsaw, and car battery will cause them to burst. If left alone, the leeches will eventually burst on their own. This will leave behind a pool of poison, which you can suck up with the syringe (or slice-and-suck it with the pizza cutter and vacuum). The leftover teeth can be extracted with the tongs. After clearing up, continue to repeat these steps throughout surgery. Doses of healing may apply.

*A small note, the lighter will cause the leeches to react, but it doesn't appear to do any damage in the slightest. Their size can also be reduced by using the syringe. However, this does not allow them to be picked off with the tongs or damaged by the lighter.

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