Bunch of Suckers

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Initial Heart Rate

58 BPM

Time Limit


Partner Type



Sucks away poison and boils with its tentacle suckers

Hogtopus is a Rare type partner from Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations. Its surgery can be found under the label P27 in Dr. Rashid's side story.

Bio Edit

It is unknown how Hogtopus came to be. Rumors have it that the tentacled hedgehog was produced by mutation from toxic ooze. It's also rumored that it may have been put together by a team of mad scientists. Or it could just be a glitch from the Re-Generator itself. Hogtopus has confirmed that the second rumor is true, though it was by the work of a single scientist.

Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations Edit

Hogtopus is re-generated by Rashid, its tentacles impaled by its own quills and its pipe system from within damaged. Noticing Rashid's fear, it explains that it did not wish to be made the way it is, meaning no ill will against him. Rashid then apologizes to Hogtopus, which it accepts nonchalantly before willingly hopping back into the Re-Generator.

Rashid's Description Edit

Again with the weird surgery partners! This one seems to be some sort of gerbil driving a squid. I am starting to feel a little sick and tired of operating on hideous mutants.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Possessing the ability to speak, Hogtopus appears to be casual and friendly despite its current state. It is a small brown hedgehog with eight green tentacles attached to its body, lined with light purple suckers. It seems to use these tentacles to move around rather than its hedgehog limbs.


  • Hogtopus is able to get rid of poison and boils by setting its tentacles upon them. It will bring down each of its tentacles downwards a total of four times.
  • The Legendary type Easter counterpart Egg-Topus has the same skill, though this time there are four little eggtopuses which will land on the body, sucking up poison and boils with their tentacles.

Procedure Edit

Hogtopus pipe solution

Pipe system

Before beginning on the surgery, you may want to shoot Hogtopus with some helpings of the injector, since its heart rate will drain at a rapid pace due to all the injuries in the area. For the first two areas, which are its tentacles, you must extract the quills lodged in the tentacles. Be cautious when removing them, for poison will blast from the wounds when removing the quills. Vacuum up the excess poison. When you've cleared all injuries from both tentacles, you'll be taken to the body. When you've cleared up the gunk, you will have to make an incision into the body, where you'll have to repair the pipe system. Be sure to clear up the rest of the gunk inside first, then get to work on placing the pipes in their proper places (refer to photo at right).


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