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Hubris D'Obscene

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"Stabbing WAS tabled at one point, yes."

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Known Operations



Dwayne Pipe(creator/father/original)
Dr. Ignacious Bleed II(half brother)
Faker Hubris (son/clone)
Hubris D'Amour (son/clone)


Useful Brotherhood(leader)


Alan Probe(sworn enemy)
Ophelia Payne(rival)

Initial Heart Rate

68 BPM; 120 BPM (AS3, Robotopia; Bunker)
≈73 BPM; 72 BPM; ≈ 70 BPM (AS4, Lvl 76; 90; 96)

Time Limit

3:00; 5:59 (AS3, Robotopia; Bunker)
2:55; 2:30; 3:00 (AS4, Lvl 76; 90; 96)

You see, I'm MORE than just Horrace D'Obscene's son...TECHNICALLY I am his clone! His exact self!

–Hubris to Alan & Ophelia

Hubris D'Obscene is the main antagonist of Amateur Surgeon 3: Tag Team Trauma. He reappears in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations as a minor character and as the 76th, 90th, and 96th patient of the game. He is a clone of Horrace D'Obscene and half-brother to Ignacious Bleed II through DNA.


Sometime during Horrace's imprisonment, a clone of him was created, being given the name Hubris. Since then he had learned about the doings of Alan Probe and decides to seek vengeance for his "father".

Amateur Surgeon 3: Tag Team Trauma[]

Ophelia Payne first encounters Hubris disguised in the shadows of Lunacy Falls. After explaining part of his plans in a rushed manner, Hubris sends the Muta-Bear he had created in an attempt to take care of Ophelia, but the plan ultimately fails as the bear collapses from cardiac arrest. He flees the scene as Ophelia operates on the bear, leaving behind a flier containing info about his next destination: Robotopia.

"There's no zipper in this ridiculous get-up anyway."

Planning on sampling some of Dr. Bleed's Pain Away, Hubris incapacitates and kidnaps Bumps Grinder, stealing his clothes to pose as him. Wearing a protective mask to cover his face and sporting an accent, he tricks Ophelia into thinking he is the real Bumps, claiming he has a disease known as Robo-syphilis and that he will need her to rub "the magic green medicine" on him to cure it. Ophelia does so, slathering his wounds with Pain Away. In an attempt to get his hands on some more, he asks Ophelia for a tub of Pain Away to keep. When she rejects him he nearly throws a fit, but immediately regains his composure as to not blow his cover and thanks Ophelia for her help. The gel on his body is all he needs to enforce the next part of his plan.

Hubris later reveals his true identity as he tricks Rev. Apocalypse into handing over his sabotaging scorpion drone. He mockingly warns that he and his father have "plans" for Ophelia's "idiot mentor" before taking his leave once again. Assuming that he planned to use the missiles to spread poison throughout the world, she hurries over to the bunker and tells Alan everything. Set on stopping Hubris, he decides to investigate the Exile Clinic where Horrace was banished. Unbeknownst to them, Hubris had something bigger up his sleeve.

Alan gets probed by a giant poisonous syringe full of frogs

With Alan absent from his post, Hubris was able to sneak into his control bunker and hack into his main computer. From there he contacts Ophelia and Alan, who had just discovered the Exile Clinic's war room. When questioned about the missiles, Hubris simply states that they were not part of his plan to begin with. With the two surgeons struck with bewilderment, Hubris watches with malicious glee as his trap sets off, shooting a syringe full of dart frogs right into Alan's rear end. Satisfied with seeing Alan suffer the same pain as his father did, he ends the transmission and sets off to finish his wretched revenge scheme.


Moments later, Ophelia and a recently cured Alan return to his bunker. They head underground into the supply stronghold, where they find Hubris. Pointing to a button switch, he threatens to frame Alan's hospitals by poisoning all the shipments of healing gel. With the Pain Away gel he was able to sample from Ophelia, he plans to then create an antidote which he would sell and make money off of from the now taken over Exile Clinic. He then presents a flask labeled with the words "USEFUL INC", ready to put the final parts of his plans into action. However, he is suddenly interrupted by a bite on the crotch by Mr. Giblets. Screeching in agonizing pain, Hubris accidentally lets the flask slip from his grip, pouring a big helping of poison into his wide open mouth. Taking an involuntary gulp, Hubris curses Mr. Giblets before quickly succumbing to his own deadly concoction, clutching his stomach as he turns a sickly pale. Ophelia is at first reluctant to rescue Hubris, but Alan encourages her to do so, stating that it's what her granduncle Dr. Bleed would have wanted.

After Hubris is saved, he stalls the two by issuing a false surrender before making a break for one of the shipping tubes. He escapes the facility, but Alan ensures that it will not be the last they will see of him.

Ophelia's Description[]

(As Bumps Grinder)[]

''Bumps'' File Photo.png


​Bumps isn't too keen on taking off that welding mask. (Maybe he's shy about contracting "robosypphilis"?). It's plastic, so I'm not sure how much protection it would even offer.

​It sure as heck didn't protect Bumps from mechanical STDs. Pfft, protection indeed! -ALAN


I'm not 100% convinced 'Robosyphilis' is a thing, but I'd say that wedding photo of him and a tractor is symptomatic of SOMETHING...

​A BEAUTIFUL wedding. Bumps seems to have lost weight... probably the robosyphilis! -ALAN


The best we can do is drain the robosyphilic poison where we can. That's a lot easier to treat than his deep seeded sexual attraction to agricultural machinery...

​According to the oath of wedlock, that tractor is a consenting adult! Perfectly Natural! -ALAN

(As himself​)[]

Hubris File Photo.png


I wouldn't say he's PURE evil. He's not smart enough for that. On the axis of evil, I'd say Hubris falls more in the "slimy douchenugget" category.

Let's give him his due - Hubris DEFINES the slimy douchenugget category! - ALAN


As Mr. Giblets went for the crotch(GOOD BOY!), Hubris fumbled with his poison ended up with a near lethal dose of his own medicine. Serves him right!

Is this just poison at work here? Something about this is like Horrace all over again... -ALAN


We've dealt with all his victims - what Hubris is infected with is the culmination of ALL his poisonous experiments...Always has to be difficult, doesn't he?!

This is the ultimate surgery challenge! Saving Hubris is an unfortunate side effect... -ALAN

Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations[]

As Ignacious enters a circus tent, a mysterious voice in the dark greets him. As the lights turn on to reveal the voice, an elderly Hubris D'Obscene is shown to be the source. He explains that he is his half-brother-through-DNA: Hubris is Horrace's clone with part of Dr. Bleed's DNA, while Ignacious is Bleed's clone with part of Horrace's DNA. He asks Ignacious if he had felt "the part that wants to explore the forbidden side of surgery", leaving Ignacious to question his own recent actions. Before Hubris can further scrutinize his half-brother, Ophelia rushes in to aid Ignacious. Upon seeing her, he cracks a snarky remark before tossing a disease-filled flask right onto Ophelia, causing her to panic. Ignacious quickly heals Ophelia, much to Hubris's disappointment. Interrupting Ophelia's gratitude, he states that he and Ignacious are very sick, about to reveal Ophelia's true reason for bringing Ignacious out of stasis until he suddenly gags, clutching his stomach. When Ignacious asks what is wrong, he sputters out that due to being close to him, it has triggered his illness.


Alarmed and wanting more information, Ignacious operates on Hubris, eliminating all the bugs in sight from his body. As soon as that was done however, Ignacious suddenly starts to feel ill. Hubris explains it is due to his father's genetics, therefore Ignacious shares the same bug as the D'Obscene's. Seeing Ignacious as his brother, Hubris offers to operate on him, stating that "Blood is blood." He successfully exterminates the Super Bug from within Ignacious with improvised tools of his own.

Hubris helping???.JPG

After the operation for Ignacious is completed, Hubris has a couple of bonus surgeries of his own. They star his younger self, which show parts of what happened before the main storyline. He appears in surgeries 55a and 86a. It's known that while Hubris was present during the events of AS4, he had attempted to clone himself. Two known clones are Faker Hubris and Hubris D'Amour.

Bleed's Description[]

Something in our shared genetics has triggered a bad reaction within Hubris' body. While I cannot condone his actions, I'll need to save him if I want to understand what's happening!


Hubris appears at the end of the Epilogue with Ygor, revealing that he'd been watching over the whole thing from what appears to be his war room. Though disappointed that Bluebris was unable to meet high villainous expectations, Hubris decides to take matters into his own hands, stating that it will not be the last time Alan Probe sees of him.

Personality & Appearance[]

Elder Hubris File Photo.png

Hubris is shown as very arrogant and rude, spouting an insult whenever given the chance. He is a more energetic version of Horrace. He has the same interests in poison just as his original, the only difference being that he'd rather use other people rather than himself as a test subject. He also seems to have an interest in mechanics, as seen by his scorpion drone.

When he becomes older, he seems to retain his cocky and insulting nature, but also has his moments when he is completely serious and straight to the point. The only concern he'd ever shown to anyone is Ignacious, his creator, and himself. It should also be noted that Hubris highly praises his creator Horrace, so much to the point of seeing him as a glorious father figure. On the other hand, as well as hating Alan Probe due to imprisoning his "father", he also seems to have a grudge against Ophelia, though it doesn't seem as strong as the one he has against Alan.  

Although similar in appearance, Hubris has a more classy and sophisticated style in contrast of his "father", keeping his hair well trimmed and sporting fancy-looking apparel. Hubris seems to have the same dark eye ring, except it is located on the top of his eye rather than the bottom.  


Amateur Surgeon 3[]


For the outside it's easy, suck up the fires and poison. It's inside him that may stump you at first, for you'll run into two hardened pieces of what seems to be poison. Use your chainsaw to break it, reducing it to liquefied poison. Fires may or may not spawn after removing some of the poison. That's pretty much it really, for this surgery is very short.


Deal with the fire and poison from outside Hubris, then cut into him. There you will meet a little nasty worm on his heart and more within it. To take care of these pests, use the car battery to shock them then lift them with the tongs and remove them while they are still electrocuted. Heal up the cuts then chainsaw through the green coil around his heart and his body to extract them. After you're finished with that, you'll have to cut into Hubris's brain. Not only are there more tiny worms for you to shock and extract, but now there is a huge green super worm* you must tackle. Wait for it to stop to look around, exposing its head, then slice its head with the chainsaw. If successful, the worm will spit at Ophelia, stunning her for a brief period of time. Do this two more times to the worm and it should plop over dead, allowing to chainsaw its body up to extract. Take care of any extra poison, fire and worms then remove the coil wrapped around his brain. Close him up(with him watching you do so with his ever so judging eyes).

  • The giant green brain worm is an Amateur Surgeon 3 exclusive

Amateur Surgeon: Re-Generations[]

There's a whole variety of bugs you'll have to eliminate within Hubris. In Hubris's lungs, you'll run into 3 bug hives along with scurrying ants, a spider, and a scorpion. Simply use the battery to shock each hive 3 times to make it disappear(don't go hyper-spam-crazy though, you may accidentally shock Hubris), then shock the ants and the spider to kill them. For the scorpion, attack it with your chainsaw. Do your best to keep your chainsaw on it to eventually kill it, leaving a huge mess of poison to vacuum up.

After closing up from his lungs, you'll advance to his heart, where green leeches are feasting with fire maggots crawling about. The leeches are pretty weak, a shock with the battery or a single tap with the chainsaw will make them explode, leaving nothing but their teeth to extract and poison to suck up. Clamp and shock the fire maggots to refrain them from retreating into Hubris's innards, which will make it much easier to clamp and shock them for the next two rounds. When they're dead simply remove them with the tongs.

The final region to visit is Hubris's stomach, where ticks and flees are residing. Ridding of the flees is easy, just wait for them to land then shock them. For the ticks, use your lighter to stir them from their resting post, then give them a nice little shock. After extracting everything and patching up all cuts, Hubris is finally rid of all bugs.

To help make this surgery easier, bring partners that can rid of bugs faster, such as Mister Caruthers and Boomin' Bessie.


  • Mr. Giblets is apparently one of Hubris's failed experiments.
  • Obviously lying, Hubris states his name means "greater than the gods", when in reality it means "to have a great foolish amount of pride."
  • The huge worm part of Hubris's surgery was entirely removed in Amateur Surgeon: Re-Generations, possibly due to limitations.
  • A clone of Hubris makes his debut as a partner, going by the name "Hubris D'Amour." He was a legendary partner exclusive to the Valentines Heartbreak Hospital event.
  • As of today, both of Hubris's known clones have refused to follow in their maker's evil footsteps. One chose to go for an average lifestyle free of vengeance, while the other chose to correct Hubris's wrongdoings.
  • Hubris becomes the villainous host of the Through the Ages Blood Cup. He also replaces Giblets as host of the Prize Wheel for this Blood Cup. Though inaudible, he will laugh after each spin of the wheel and will take pleasure in Dr. Rashid's pain after the final spin.
  • In Amateur Surgeon 4, Hubris has a few tools which appear different from the main tools used throughout the game, notably replacing the normal pizza cutter, stapler, tongs, and scanner. These are garden shears, a staple gun, pliers, and a scanner with similar design to AS1's etchy-sketch. The rest of the tools retain the same appearance with a purple palette(excluding the clamps, injector, and syringe). Additionally, the Pain Away label displays Hubris's own name instead of Dr. Bleed's.