Claude post-op

Known Operations





Construction Worker

Initial Heart Rate

60 BPM (both games)

Time Limit

3:19 (AS1)
4:10 (AS4)

Insurance Fraud Claude is a patient introduced in Act 1 of Amateur Surgeon and is the 7th patient in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations. He was the turtorial level for the etchy-sketch.

Bio Edit

Claude makes his daily earnings by intentionally harming himself with various hardware supplies, that way he is able to later sue the companies who produced such supplies.

Amateur Surgeon Edit

Claude enters Alan Probe and Dr. Bleed's "warehouse clinic", drinking from a can of paint. When questioned by Alan, he replies that it's the fault of the company for not putting the warning on the can. He soon mentions that he had shot himself in the chest with a nail gun, therefore Alan readies himself for de-nailing.

After removing the nails from Claude's body, he lends Alan his chainsaw as a token of gratitude.

Alan's Description Edit

Through systematic self-abuse, the patient has made a small fortune from suing hardware companies for not labeling products with the terminally stupid in mind. A nail gun without directions to aim away from the body has resulted in the patient losing several metal spikes somewhere deep in his chest. Scan the patient with children's toy to find nails, remove with pizza cutter and stapler, then escort from premises immediately to avoid (justified) lawsuit for malpractice.

Appearance and Personality Edit


Claude drinking paint

Claude appears wearing a sleeveless plaid shirt and plain shorts supported by a tool belt. He wears a normal shoe on one foot, while his other is covered by a cast. Over his short brown hair, a hard hat hangs from the handle of the screwdriver lodged in his head. Both hands are bandaged and missing a single finger. When it comes to his facial features, Claude has a black eye and a mustache, accompanied by a stubble of a beard.

When meeting Alan and Bleed, he is a somewhat affable man, though he is a crafty scammer.

Procedure Edit

Claude's Injuries

Some nails are hidden from the naked eye

Along with some cuts that need to be cauterised, there are nails underneath the skin that must be located with the etchy sketch/scanner. Slice out the nails with the pizza cutter, then extract them with the tongs. Staple and cauterise the wounds made by the nails, then you will be able to make an incision into his lungs. For the remainder of the surgery, you will have to locate nails with the etchy sketch/scanner for removal.

Trivia Edit

  • An odd inconsistency is Claude's hands. While both of them are bandaged and missing a finger in his pre-op pose, only one of his hands is shown in this state in cutscenes. The screwdriver in his head is also missing during pre-operation.

Level Dialogue Edit

Before Surgery Edit

Claude: I heard you boys were surgeons of a kind... *Glug-glug-glug*

Alan: Hello...Are you drinking PAINT?!

Claude: Doens't say I shouldn't on the can! And that means a big fat payout from the paint company! Same goes for the nailgun maker who didn't mention I shouldn't shoot myself in the chest!

Alan: One de-nailing coming up!

After Surgery Edit

Claude: You guys are OK. Here - take my chainsaw as a thank you! I'm sure a pair of makeshift surgeons such as yourselfves could use it!

Alan: Sweet! Hey doc, you have anything you need amputating? Rrrm-rrrm!

Bleed: (Sigh...)


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