"We are crash into sewage farm! Was not fun."

Known Operations





Crime Boss

Initial Heart Rate

30 BPM (Amateur Surgeon)
58 BPM (Amateur Surgeon: Re-Generations)

Time Limit

dependent on time taken on the Boss (Amateur Surgeon)
2:02 (Amateur Surgeon: Re-Generations)

Thanks for help my boss, doktor.
Now you are taking out this driving wheel, yes?
Or I am kill you soon, probably.

–Ivan to Alan & Bleed in AS4

Ivan Henchman is a patient from Act 3 in Amateur Surgeon and is the 81st patient in Amateur Surgeon: Re-Generations. He is the Crime Boss's main lackey.

Amateur Surgeon Edit

Ivan was traveling with his boss to take out the person harming their criminals until they realized the brakes were defunct. Helpless, they crashed into a sewage farm, crippling the Boss. Ivan, who was able to sustain most of the damage, carries the Boss over to the Old Hospital. There he meets Alan and Dr. Bleed. Realizing they are surgeons, he quickly demands help for him and his boss.

Procedure Edit

Ivan basically has the same procedure as the Boss, except there are more leeches that need to be burned and removed. When arriving at Ivan's heart, there is a huge leech with a crown sucking the blood out of it. Simply keep your lighter on it until it explodes. Then kill off any other leeches and mend leftover wounds.

Trivia Edit

  • There is an unused sprite/pose of Ivan and his boss hidden in the files of Amateur Surgeon. (Refer here)
  • Ivan was given a few new speaking lines since he was given a separate operation in Amateur Surgeon: Re-Generations.

Gallery Edit

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