Katie Cutter
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Performs chainsaw cuts for the player

Katie Cutter is a Common type partner in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations. She's the 10th patient (P10) encountered in Dr. Rashid's side story.

Bio Edit

Katie's a young lumberjack and lecturer in gothic literature. She enjoys activities a typical young girl would, such as ponies, braiding her dolls' hair, and experimenting with her father's lumber tools on occasional midnights. Katie's quite skilled with both her chainsaw and literature for such a young age.

Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations Edit

Katie is re-generated as an ancient woman. Thankfully, Rashid had just the cure for her age issue: Dr. Bleed's Pain Away. Injecting it into parts of her body via injector, Katie's youth is replenished. However, Katie becomes a bit upset with Rash after she recovers, since apparently she wanted to be older. Before she could finish saying her piece to Rash, the intercom uses a robot claw to lift Katie up, returning her to the Re-Generator.

Rashid's Description Edit

Oh dear! The little girl who showed up on the computer has Re-Generated as a frail old lady! Well, they say that Dr. Bleed's injection gel does wonders for wrinkles.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Katie is shown as a small girl wearing a pink dress and red shoes. She possesses pale skin and blue hair. She carries her chainsaw on her back. She displays a calm, intellectual attitude, though some may say she's also intimidating (it's possible she was going to attack Rash with her chainsaw for curing her).


  • With her chainsaw, Katie is able to saw up organs or other sawable objects for the player in a flash.
  • Legendary counterpart Katie Cutlass from the Scurvy Swashbucklers Blood Cup does the same with a shorter cooldown time.
  • K T Custer from Through the Ages possesses a short cooldown time, being able to complete chainsaw cuts with two gatling guns.

Procedure Edit

Katie Mid-op

Ancient-looking Katie

Insert the injector into various parts of Katie's wrinkled face and arms. They'll regain their youth as you inject them. When her face is fully restored, you'll be directed to make an incision into her brain. Vacuum up the dust, then use the lighter to destroy the odd charcoal parts. They'll leave behind inner poison, which can be sliced out with the pizza cutter and vacuumed up. After patching up, you'll be given a piece with two wires to place in the middle of the brain. Plug the given battery in afterwards and shock it with the car battery . This will restore her brain, leading to close-up.


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