Killa B. Killed
Killa bee killed
BEE silent or BEE dead!



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Initial Heart Rate

≈ 86 BPM

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Killa Bee Killed (also spelled Killa B. Killed) is a character introduced in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations. He is the 33rd patient of the game.

Bio Edit

Combining beekeeping with the shinobi way, Killa Bee Killed is a ninja who incorporates bees into his techniques. It seemed like the perfect idea to him at first, but his mind begins to waver as the bees become a nuisance, stinging him all over his body.

Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations Edit

The "bee ninja" ambushes Ignacious Bleed II and Mr. Giblets while they were making their way out of Guru Mountain. Indirectly torturing them with bee-related catch phrases, Killa Bee asks the surgeons to help him with his bee problem. When cured of his bee stings, he helps Ignacious in return, informing him that he is headed to Kannibal Village. He then slinks into the shadows as Ignacious and Mr. Giblets head to the village in order to find an open area for the Mobitron.

Bleed's Description Edit

This shadowy figure has been rather unsuccessful in incorporating bees into his fighting style...I think separating the two will be mercy for both parties.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Killa Bee is always shown wearing a white hat with a veil over it, which seems to fail at its job in keeping the bees away from his head. A grey ninja mask covers most of Killa Bee's face. Here you can see he has quite pale looking skin with a few red bee stings. He wears a black and yellow gi, a red belt which holds two jars of honey on his waist, and grey gloves and boots. Bees are wrapped around his fingers and feet by string (or rubber bands). Carrying a sword with him, Killa Bee always makes ninja poses whilst throwing bee-related dialogue most of his time onscreen.

Procedure Edit

Now when beginning the surgery, you'll see that there are two bees attached to Killa Bee's fingers. Use the pizza cutter to free the bees, then there's two ways you can kill them off:

  • Simply poke them with the pizza cutter or zap them with the battery, causing them to explode in a mass amount of poison.
  • Use the syringe to suck them down to size, then shock them with the car battery. This will destroy their entire body.

Extract any left behind bee heads, and cure the poison with the syringe or slice-and-vacuum technique. You'll have to repeat these steps with the other hand. Then you'll proceed to the body, three bees hovering over it. Rid of them the same way you did with the others, then slice into any incision you wish to venture into first. When slicing into the left side of his stomach, there are four more bees you must take care off (one of which will fly onscreen from below after a few seconds) and four shurikens to extract. The other incision contains two bees, five poison puddles, and three splats of weird green goop, which you can easily suck up with the vacuum. After ridding the bees, poison, goop, and any leftover cuts and burns, you will be able to saw out the liver for replacing. Then close up as normal.

Trivia Edit

  • Killa Bee Killed's name is a full pun of the popular phrase "kill or be killed".
  • He makes an appearance as the fourth patient in the Pagoda of Pain Blood Cup. Oddly, the circus ambience music plays during his surgery.


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