The lighter is a recurring tool in the Amateur Surgeon series. It is mainly used to cauterize large cuts after stapling them and to cauterize transplants. It may cause burns or a fire if used carelessly.

Amateur Surgeon Edit


The lighter makes its debut in this game. Aside from its usual uses, it's also used to burn the leeches during Crime Boss and Ivan Henchman.

Amateur Surgeon: Christmas Edition Edit


The lighter doesn't make a direct return in this game — instead, it's replaced by an aerosol spray and a matchstick to make a makeshift flamethrower which has the same purpose. 

Amateur Surgeon 2 Edit

The lighter makes a return in this game and has the same purpose as in the other games. It's used during Peeping Tom's surgery to burn the blue blobs in his eyeballs. When the lighter gets upgraded, burning becomes easier.

Amateur Surgeon 3: Tag Team Trauma Edit

The lighter makes a return in this game and has the same purpose as in the other games. It is used to cauterize burst arteries after clamping them.

Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations Edit

The lighter occurs once again as a use for cauterizing and other purposes. The higher the level of the lighter, the higher its speed boost, along with a less chance of leaving behind burns if misused accidentally. When upgraded to level 10 (max), this will grant "miss immunity". Though the lighter can no longer harm the patient, it's still possible to leave behind burns if misused. Keep in mind that this perk does not apply in Sudden Death mode.

Trivia Edit

  • In Amateur Surgeon: Christmas Edition, the makeshift flamethrower cauterizes wounds faster than the lighter in Amateur Surgeon.
  • In Amateur Surgeon, there's a minor bug that may occur where the lighter ceases function, forcing the player to restart the surgery.
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