Places to visit and patients to operate on in Amateur Surgeon 3


Mr. Giblets

Location: Control Room


Location: Practice Bay

Hubris (Final Boss)

Location: The Supply Stronghold

Shanks A Lot Prison Edit

Neil File

Location: Rockbreaker Quarry

Dale Break

Location: Cell-Out Lock-Up

Ed Scape

Location: Funterrogation Room

Earnest Pickles (Boss)

Location: Warden's Tower

Mumbo JungleEdit

BugBite Mike

Location: Jungle Crash Site

Tammy Gracefuls

Location: Hidden Grotto

Sweetmeats Pete

Location: Kannibal Korner

Deceased Keith (Boss)

Location: Temple Ruins

Lunacy FallsEdit

Batshift Crazy

Location: Boogedy-Woogedy Woods

Drag Nammit

Location: Raggedy-Assets Hollow


Location: The Boom Shack

Muta-Bear (Boss)

Location: Fallacy Keep


Bumps Grinder

Location: Let-Your-Junk-Hang-Out

Upgrade Jade

Location: Robotopia Shrine


Location: Robosexuals Anonymous

Rev. Apocalypse (Boss)

Location: Robot Apocalypse Church

​Exile ClinicEdit

Useful Brother

Location: Infestation Ward

Muta Brother

Location: Cloning Facility

Real Bumps Grinder

Location: Dungeon Spa

Dr. Alan Probe (Boss)

Location: War Room

​Hospital (Bonus)Edit

Gossamer Rag

Location: Tropical Room

Emo Shun

Location: Psychiatry Room

Karl Puccino

Location: The Pharmacy

Chastity Beltt (Boss)

Location: The Exorcism Room

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