Lord Meowington
Fire Retardant Feline



Known Operations


Initial Heart Rate

99 BPM

Time Limit





Extinguishes fire; cleans up debris

Lord Meowington is a Rare type partner in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations. He also appears in Rashid's partner surgeries, under the label P15.

Bio Edit

Lord Meowington is a small and cuddly feline, owned by an unnamed wealthy individual. Living a pampered life in a grand mansion, Meowington one day finds a robotic vacuum cleaner, riding it around for transportation. Since then, he has been deemed useful for surgeries with plenty of flame.

Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations Edit

Dr. Rashid goes onto the Re-Generator's computer, re-generating Lord Meowington. A fatal mistake arises whilst re-generating the cat, forcing the poor animal inside of his vacuum. Luckily, Rashid is able to use his chainsaw to take the machine apart and rescue Meowington.

Smitten by Meowington's cute stature, he felt reluctant to place him back inside the Re-Generator. He is soon put back in anyhow under Ophelia's orders.

Rashid's Description Edit

Aw! A cute little kitty! Wait...Where is he? Hmm. Guess I'll just chainsaw open this little machine and take a look inside.

Personality and Appearance Edit

Meowington is a small and fluffy kitten. A monocle rests on a single eye. His red collar is decorated with a shiny gold medallion. His fur is a violet color, while his nose and the inside of his ears are pink. His eyes are huge and spaced out, his tongue always sticking out of his mouth.

Meowington is always shown as a sweet and innocent kitty. His adorable appearance cause many to fuss over him. Fish appears to be the feline's preferred food.

Skills Edit

  • The original Meowington rides around with his vacuum, "The Vruuumba", around the patient's body. With it he's able to suck up flames and debris.
  • His cyber Legendary type counterpart, Meow-F.O, retains the same skill, except his cooldown timer is much shorter. Instead of riding around on his normal vacuum, he rides in what appears to be a green hovering spacecraft.

Procedure Edit

Lord Meowington Stuck

Meowington squished inside the vacuum

Most of this surgical procedure requires the chainsaw. Firstly, use the vacuum to clean up the small dust balls. You can use the tongs if you desire more points. Afterwards, you'll be directed to saw off the vacuum's cover with the chainsaw. Remove the cover with the tongs and enter inside. Vacuum up the flames, then staple, cauterise, and gel the single scratch. When finished with those steps, you will have to use the chainsaw in order to remove the parts covering Meowington's body. Vacuum up the dust, then remove cramped Meowington and his monocle from the innards of the machine.

Lord Meowington Loves Fishies

Meowington excited by the sight of fish

Now you will be taken out of the machine and into a kitchen. On the floor will be a dazed Meowington, a food bowl lying beside him. You will be given his monocle to place back on the eye facing left, then you will be given a couple of fish, which you must place in his food bowl. Meowington will immediately recuperate, overjoyed by the sight of the fish.

Trivia Edit

The Meowington Portrait

Meowington portrait

  • In level 97 of Amateur Surgeon 4, there is a portrait of Lord Meowington hanging on the wall in the bedroom.
  • In one of the backgrounds, Meowington can be seen in one of the tubes.
    Meowington in bg
  • "The Vruuumba", Meowington's vacuum, appears to be based off the Roomba, a well known series of robotic vacuums.
  • Meowington is rescued about 3 times throughout Amateur Surgeon 4.
    • The first instance was during surgery P15, when he is painfully trapped inside his vacuum due to the re-generator glitching. Rashid is able to rescue him soon after.
    • The second instance was during the third surgery in Cyber Showdown, when he was eaten by Mr. Giblets. The player can retrieve Meowington with the tongs after he is rid of Verminators from the inside.
    • The third instance was during surgery E2's Partner Special. By the end of the surgery, Ignacious II must free Meowington from the suitcase with the chainsaw. Funnily enough, Lord Meowington is the required partner for this Partner Special, therefore he assists Ignacious in rescuing himself.
  • Meowington can be considered to have one of the goriest outcomes in the game mid surgery, since he's been forcefully crushed inside a machine with one of his eyeballs popping out of his socket.

Gallery Edit

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